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02/19/2010 02:51 PM

Shiny Skin


I was wondering if others have had shiny skin? My RSD is in my L hand/wrist and especially by the end of the day the skin on the back of my hand is really shiny...I know this is a symptom, but why does it only seem to appear later in the day? And what causes it in the first place? Thanks to anyone who responds/knows the answers!

02/19/2010 03:40 PM
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I have RSD in my feet and I often wonder about my skin. I can see my veins so well and thinning is a symptom. My skin looks shiny and that is also a symptom. Sometimes, my skin feels tight, too.

What I can't remember is if it looked this way before my injury or not. I had socks and shoes on most of the time, so I really don't remember paying that much attention to my feet.

I'm looking forward to hearing some thoughts on this one, also. Thanks.

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02/20/2010 12:22 PM
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Hi, I have had shiny skin on my right leg, the RSD is in the right knee. It does seem to appear at times and not at others, and yes , perhaps later in the day, though I don't know why! The skin seems pulled and tight. the skin is cold to the touch and can appear mottled like being out in the cold and blotchy red and white. All part of the strange, mysterious MONSTER of a disease that baffles Dr.'s that don't have all the answers! It all has to do with lack of proper circulation , body temperature regulation etc. Nerves, Joints, muscles and blood circulation are all thrown out of whack.This of course is not in medical terms lol. Hope this helps to know you are not the only one, even though I don"t have the medical explanation for you!

Take Care,


02/20/2010 09:29 PM
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My left leg and left arm are red and shiny in the mornings and then again at night. I believe it's red in the morning because of being in a horizontal position for 6+ hours and then having to go to a vertical position and then at the end of the day from being used too much and I truly believe barometric pressures changing in the late afternoon plays a role too. I don't know about you all, but I'm extremely sensitive to atmospheric changes. Any abrupt weather changes are a painful ordeal for me.

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02/21/2010 06:31 PM
okieladybug09Posts: 969
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I have shiny skin on my left leg.. It almost looks paper thin... Its just on the front of my leg too... Really funky looking.. Add that to the fact that I barely have any hair on my legs.. lol (Which Im not complaining about!) The RSD has really done a number on me!! When my legs are down to long they turn a mottled color... And when I flare up it looks like I have been in a switch fight...

02/22/2010 08:13 AM

My skin also is very shiny and paper thin on my rt arm. But I haven't noticed it having to do with the time of day. Seems to always be this way these days. Definitely feel weather changes as well. I think it has alot to do with our blood flow to our affected extremities as well.

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