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01/28/2010 01:27 PM

hot and cold

tnethelPosts: 99

Lately I have been having freezing feet and hands. So cold it hurts. I finally got used to the hot,burning feelings and in a flash it changes. I think the hot is less painful. Does anyone have any advice for the cold feeling. I find that when it is cold anything at all that touches my skin is extremely painful. This is new for me and was wondering how everyone else deals with it. One more thing going on is both of my hips are killing me. I have had one or the other but not both at the same time. I cant sit, sleep, or walk comfortably. i am really not sure what to do about that. My daily exercises are on hold. I do keep the 'use it or loose it" in the front of my mind but it is just imposible to do anything about it right now. I am very worried that the longer it takes me to start stretching again will I be limited or unable to do what I did? I try so hard to just do things no mater how the pain. This is the first time I cant do it. I am still waiting to go to pm . haven't had and opening yet.Does anyone go from hot to cold? Showering is not gonna happen either.the pain is like nothing I have felt before. There is always something new with RSD. If not for this group I would be lost. I am trying to keep a possitive outlook but it is getting harder with each new suprising condition. Any help?

01/28/2010 03:59 PM
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tnethel, Boy, it seems like you just get acquainted with one head of our monster when another another, seemingly opposite head pops up. This is unfortunately not a strange head, but a rather common one. Warm to hot (but not burning hot) compresses or heating pad help me when the ice head attacks my affected limbs. That also helps the aching of knees, hips, backs, shoulders. Whether this is part of the RSD or from position or climate or whatever, it only increases the misery!

Please, no matter what the pain, do not stop your stretches and whatever mobility you can manage for any long period of time. I'm glad you know our MIOLI saying but don't let more than a day or two go by before obeying it or you might have to schedule extra therapy visits and can count on more pain. and there is permanent damage at risk, because when you lose it, you risk ligaments and tendons shriking with the muscle loss and when a hand or foot slaws, it is hard to impossible to get use back. The dystrophy part of the RSD is a very real part of this monster. Pain we live with day to day and that's terrible. Pain in a useless limb is that much worse.

Big Hugs!

Rev Maryanne

01/28/2010 04:02 PM
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I have the burning sensations year round, but it is worse in the summer when I go outside. When the sun touches my feet (even in shoes), it seems to hurt.

In the winter, the cold temps make my hands freeze and in the summer, the air conditioning will do it.

To help with the cold feelings, I wear some soft cotton stretch gloves. The kind that are pretty cheap and one size fits all. I can wear them around the house and still use my hands. I bought a pair of slippers that are larger and roomy. I also have a blanket that I keep on my couch to throw over myself. It all helps.

Here are some links to some posts that may help you, too. dystrophy-discussions/general-support/1091412-rsd-and- winter-heating-bills/limitstart/10 dystrophy-discussions/general-support/1091412-rsd-and- winter-heating-bills/limitstart/10

Hope that you find some info in them.

02/03/2010 12:25 PM
okieladybug09Posts: 969
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I use my heating pads on my feet... On the lowest setting of course... I have one for my hips that I use when they are acting up... RSD is such a mystery and such a pain... Literally!!! Just when you think you have you symptoms figured out, it changes... Hang in there!!!!



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