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09/30/2008 10:20 AM

am i a complete mess?

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when i am sober i am fine or probably not fine but a functioning member of society...but when i get drunk...i go nuts cut myself...yell at ppl for no reason... or freak out and run off. Does this mean i am completely screwed in the head?

09/30/2008 10:43 AM

Cassie alcohol brings out a totally different person in all of us.

09/30/2008 01:51 PM

It usually indicates that you are using alcohol as a medication to deal with problems in your life. Alcohol can not only change a persons behavior, but change the way your brain functions permanantly. Please be careful, I became very addicted to alcohol and it ruined my life (temporarily). It took me a long time to get my life back to normal.

09/30/2008 07:53 PM
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im 10 years sober this august and i am very happy with with out alcohol. I bet you will be happy with out it to! Smile)))

10/01/2008 07:19 PM
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Congratulations hiall. My brother will be sober about the same length of time.

Cassie, did you get anything out of the addiction group forums? Self Injury? I think your reaching out for help but we all are going to tell you that drinking is only making whatever is bothering you worse. Do you think you are self medicating? Personally I've never been drunk, but I was anorexic then obese. I'm a normal weight now, but I used food the same way you are using alcohol. To cover or not deal with my hurts. What do you think?



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