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02/21/2010 10:11 PM

I dont know how to deal with it

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My name is stacie im 22 years old. almost 3 years ago i spent the night at my friends house. while i was sleeping in the room it had to be at least 2 or 3 in the morning im not really sure i just know that it was late. anyways my friends husband... this is hard to talk about i havent really talked about this before, im kind of ashamed at what happened. i woke up to him on top of me and when i realized what he was doing i freaked out and pushed him away. i cried and tried to go back to sleep. i could not leave becasue i didnt have my car. but left first thing in the morning. still to this day i have not told my friend about that night and it still haunts me. i dont know how to get over it. i can go days about not thinking about it then like tonight it keeps me up at night. how do i get over it?



02/22/2010 04:34 AM
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Did he actually rape you or was he in the process of trying? Either way it doesn't really matter. The first thing I would do is find a therapist who specializes in rape and start going to see them. An attempted rape can be just as traumatic as actually being raped. Telling your friend what happened would probably end your friendship as she is probably more likely to believe husband (whom I sure would deny everything because they always do) over you. At the same time it could possibly help your healing process by getting it off your chest.

02/22/2010 09:08 AM
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BY acknowledging it. Admitting that it happened and that you had no blame in it.He is completely responsible for his behavior. Even if you were lying on the couch naked it would still be his fault for going there. You did nothing wrong. Admit that.Leave the blame,shame, guilt and all that with him. It belongs with him, In return,take your pwoer and life back you deserve that. Just acknowledging to yourself these things will help. You need to talk it all out. If not with a good therapist, then good friend or support person.We are all here to help and support you.


02/22/2010 03:52 PM
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Hello crazicutie and welcome to the group. I am really sorry about what happened to you. That is so scary, it should have never happened to you. It wasn't your fault. Have you talked to your parents or any friends about this? Talking with people that care about you will help you feel better. I would also think about seeing a therapist when you are ready. Please use the forum to heal, vent and make new friends.



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