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01/07/2009 11:26 AM

Rant and Rave!

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I just want to rant and rave and blow off some steam...

I have my friends and my church and tons of people I can talk to but I dont have anyone who I can hold and cry with I try not to let my kids see me cry...

try to act all big and bad but sometimes I just sit up at night and watch my girls sleep and I sit and cry all night long......

My mom is a drunk and I dont know my dad my sister and brother live in different states so I have only my close friends and my church family....

and U all!


We went to the psychotherapist today and we will go C her once a week from now on she is sending us to a man doc. to get meds for my daughter.

As for school I dont care about it she can go if she wants if not thats fine with me. I love her being with me 24/7.

My oldest daughter is having surgery this friday so keep her in ur prayers her name is Yesi and Karina will go with me to Savannah. to the hospital we will be there for 4-5 days...

My son will stay with my best friend Helen she is a real Godsent I will talk to you all later...

As many of you know I have crohns diease which I dont need any stress in my life but lets face it my baby was raped how in the heck do u keep Stress out of my life......

Well I got to go get my son from school....I will be on later tonight!

Hugs and Kisses to all!

Talk to u later~



01/07/2009 02:22 PM
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Hang in the hon, your stronger than you think. We are here to help so vent to us anytime.


01/07/2009 03:39 PM
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vent away..........

big hug to you,family and friends.


01/08/2009 06:13 PM
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You are in my prayers...good luck!

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