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07/08/2008 06:21 PM


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Alright I am officially not going to go on another date!!!!!! I went out with this guy the other day and he was trying to get with me, we were in my car and I kept telling him to stop, I didn't want to, no. I hate it when guys think that if they get you Luckily there were people around and I got away. Why am I nothing but a sex object to men? I am so afraid to even go on a date, I think I'm going to get some mase or something. I couldn't live if it happened to me again. I'm done with men. Why? I feel so violated!, I feel like it is my fault...please respond, I feel so ALONE Sad



07/09/2008 02:45 AM
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I'm so sorry about your experience.

Don't give up on guys though because I've dated some of the sweetest that I met through personal ads and they turned out to be gems.

my husband Dennis I met and dated for 3 1/2 years.

Let the guys know how u feel up front.


07/09/2008 05:48 AM
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How are you meeting them? Try getting to know someone as a friend first, you usually can eliminate the pervs this way. They won't stay interested for long. Spend more time talking on the phone and make it known what your morals are. Then look at how you present yourself. Sometimes we look too sexy and that gives a mixed message. It attracts the wrong type.

Sorry your having such a hard time, nice guys are out there. Maybe working on some therapy for you will change your outlook and how you feel about yourself. Then try to date. You'll be surprised that you attract a different type. Basically, I'm saying that we sometimes unconciously think that all guys are jerks so we look for jerks to satisify our belief. Really they are not. Change your belief and change the outcome.



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