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08/02/2011 02:27 AM

Need help with diagnosis

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Can anyone help me please?

My previous lung function test showed emphysema or pulmonary hypertension and I now have to wait to see the specialist to find out the interpretation of my pulmonary function tests. The following results are from my second test taken last week.

Age 41. Female. Caucasian. 179 cm tall. 110 kgs.

Fev1 pre 4.21 post 4.36 pred 3.43 pred ll 2.81 pre%pred 123%

Fvc pre 4.95 post 4.99 pred 3.96 pred ll 3.25 pre%pred 125%

fev 1% vc max pre 84 post 86 pred 82 pred ll 3.25 pre%pred 125%

pef pre 708 post 712 pred 449 predll 360 pre%pred 158%

mef 50 pre 7.46 post 8.01 pred 4.52 predll 2.72 165%

pif pre 7.24 post 6.26

Vc max pre 5 post 5.04 pred 4.05 predll 3.37 123%

tlc pre 6.82 pred 5.96 predll 4.97 post%pred 114%

itgv pre 3.58 pred 3.03 predll 2.21 118%

rv prev 2.05 pred 1.86 predll 1.29 110%

rv% tlc pre 30 pred 33 predll 23 92%

vc pre 4.77 pred 4.05 predll 3.37 118%

dlco sb pre 24.6 pred 29.4 pred ll 23.7 83%

va pre 6.62 pred 5.81 predll 4.62 114%

kco pre 3.71 pred 4.94 predll 3.32 75%

Can anyone please help me with knowing what these test results show? I am a non smoker and have never smoked. Than you.


09/17/2011 05:24 PM
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Welcome to the group and no I can't help you with the labs as you need a trained medical person to tell you what they mean and also to explain what they mean to you and your living abilities. But you are on the right track get a understanding for each of the labs and keep a notebook and track where you are going and have been.

It won't change anything but it will make you more comfortable with your place in the universe.

Best regards


12/25/2011 05:03 PM
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I'm pretty sure you can't diagnosis PH with a pulmonary function test. Make sure to get an echo and or a stress echo. VQ perfusion to rule out clots, HRCT scan to check for scarring and if they suspect PH a Right heart catheter to measure exactly

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