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01/29/2009 11:57 AM


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I am new to this group. My name is maryanne and I am 41 years old with psoriasis, and boy it has gotten bad over the last couple, of years. I live in a cold climate, and my skin dry up fast anymore. I have been very itch, and it burns. It drives me crazy. I just called my doctor's office and they told me to use Dove for senitive skin, and also use Pond's with coco butter in it. She had cream but it isn't working.

I am a person that takes very good care of her body, and now that summer is on the way I would like this taken care of.....Anyone needs help please feel free and PM me......Anytime Cool


01/29/2009 06:59 PM
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Welcome to the Group maryannerack1! I hope we are all able to give tips to each othe on what works and does not work for them.



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