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08/18/2010 12:41 PM


surfer66Posts: 29

For the most part of my life, I have had Psoriasis, 53 years to be exact. I had my moods, extremely up when I was clear and very depressed when I was broken out.. who wouldn't...I was diagnosed with BP two years ago. Now, all of this psycho business started to make sense. So, what came first the mood or the psoriasis or the psoriasis then the mood. Does your brain chemistry become wired to you skin?

Curious.I'm clear now, takin 50 mg. of enbrel a week, but now I have basal cell cancer and vitiligo on my face and hands. I guess three is my lucky number.... The skin cancer is on my face and I am to get it cut out in September. this is after years and years of sun lamps, sun and PUVA.


01/05/2011 08:35 AM
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Actually depression and autoimmune diseases are very common companions. So other problems may also be related.

Vitamin D is used to treat psoriasis, But just like everything else it doesn't work for every one.

The Embrell worked very well for me also.


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