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07/18/2010 07:50 AM

after effects from External beam radiation

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Hello everyone,

I just finished 42 days of EBRT and some of the most severe side effects I

had, urgency, strong bladder pressure has gone. I'm taking flomax and Pyridium.

It burns when I urinate and my flow is weak. A week ago during treatments It was semi-strong and and very urgent and I had an accident or two. One episode I couldn't urinate at

all. Eventually after an hour I was able to once again, albeit with a week flow, but it got going and I was much relieved.

Now that I'm done with the treatments, 3 days now my flow is weak, I have intermittent bearable shooting pain which

radiates from my rear to my penis. It May even be the prostate gland itself

radiating into that area. Dunno for sure. Also I'm happy to be able to urinate, even if it is weak after having two excruciating episodes in the same day whre I wa snot able to.

In december 09 I had laser surgery on my prostate to shrink it. Had to use a cather for a day or two. Doc says that my urethat is probably scarred.

I'm hoping that that in addition to the radiation is in fact what is causing my presnt discomfort. Sorry to be so longwinded, but I'm anxioua. Never want o experience no urination again. Burning and weak flow is a blessing in comparison.

I use heat and I'm going to try an ice pack.

Has Anyone ever experienced any thing similar?




07/18/2010 02:46 PM
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Hi Huguy8 My Uro said that the pain on the end of the penis reflect the distress in you anus. It sounds far fetched but that what he said when I explained some of my problems to the Uro.

Wow you have got a handful of side effects that are not nice. You indicated that you had a laser treatment to "shrink the prostate". What this to mitigate BPH before the ERBT? How did they do that?

What was your Gleason score; when were to diagnose and was there as immediacy to your need for seeking treatment?

Have you considered having the catheter inserted to get you by the initail problems? Good luck with your recovery.

07/18/2010 04:45 PM
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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply. I think your urologist may be right for although I get some intermittent sporadic pain, I've noticed that when I stand up quickly I'll have pain. or when I first begin to walk after being seated for a while, then I can walk fine only occasionally getting pain. Gotta be those muscles. I lifted something heavy a at times in my life got similar pain in and to the tip of my penis. I also massage myself underneath and use heat.

I had laser surgery to shrink the prostate way back in December '09'. They found the cancer then through a biopsy and I began radiation in May.

I have stage 1, gleason 1 and PSA 1.5.

I opted for treatment over watchful waiting as i didn't want to worry that the other shoe was going to drop at some time and find that the cancer was in advanced stages.

Again I think your urologist makes sense and I also attribute the sporadic pain to a muscle tear or strain from having two episodes of not being able to go and those muscles involved for urination being strained to the limit. It was excruciating.

My urine stream, although weak is acceptable and I don't want a catheter which could further scar my urethra.

my symptoms now are a cake walk in comparison these last three weeks with uncontrollable urgency, and at time not being able to hold it for long and then wetting myself three or four times.

In short, I am happy with what I have now, crazy as it may seem. Smile

I'll be seeing my urologist on Monday.


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08/08/2010 07:10 AM
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I'm three weeks beyond my last IBRT and i'm almost normal as far as urination flow, and urgencey is virtually nil. Still get some intermittent pain that radiates from my anus through my penis, so I'm inclined to think that it is caused by the muscle strain i experienced about 4 weeks agao when I had to push hard in order to urinate as I was unable to go normaly and also some strong constipation, followed by diarhea. It was no picnic for sure, but I managed to get throught at and now take flomax and Advil. Each day it gets a little bit better. I get plenty of rest, early to bed and that helops to along with drinking lots of water. Water is key to it all, that and cranberry juice.



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