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04/05/2009 05:44 PM

Taking Care of Ourselves


I've recently had some extremely stressful situations going on within my family that have brought up alot of PTSD. I know I'm supposed to be "taking care of myself". To be absolutely honest with you all, I felt completely stuck trying to come up with ideas on what to do - especially with small kids and not having a lot of extra money to do stuff with. know journaling is a good thing to do, but I was so stressed, exhausted, panicked, sad, and scared I didn't feel like I had the energy to do that. I did end up taking a walk and a hot bath the next day.

I'm just wondering what other things people do to "take care" of themselves.


04/05/2009 07:16 PM
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Little simple things help. A cup of tea, a bath, a good book, a nice magazine, coloring, puzzle books. Anything that is something special to you. I journal every morning. I rate my moods, my sleep, eating, energy, and keep my dreams written down. This is my special time in the morning. I also have bought flowers for myself. Gave myself a pedicure, gone out to get a pedicure. Browse in a book store or craft store. I do alot for myself and it has really helped me stay grounded and I have healed alot since doing these things.

04/06/2009 12:22 PM
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I'm sorry that I can't offer any advice on this because I haven't quite figured out what to do myself. usually try and keep busy so I don't think about it.

04/08/2009 06:27 AM
taurusPosts: 2893
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I agree with pirateprincess, I'm bad though. I go to the salon, buy a new outfit and go out to lunch or dinner with my husband or my Mom. I watch a movie that is inspirational and makes me feel good and romantic comedies. I read a good book play a game on the wii and get on MDJ. I also see my therapist.

04/08/2009 11:14 AM
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Hi metalyn. It sounds like you have a gorilla on your back. That makes anyone exhausted.

If your ptsd is being triggered by siblings or other original family memebers, perhaps you can pull back from them.

Any mom with young chidren is already using all her energies every day. I think it's necessary to protect yourself emotionally because you have children. Moms and children are very close and tune in to one another.

Can you pack a lunch and go to a nearby playground for an hour or so? Are you close to elementary schools that have playgrounds? The children would love it.

04/13/2009 01:47 PM
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i know that feeling with my daughter and husband straining my every nerve and being pregneant i have no time to do things that make me feel better and am getting run down- i can't remember the last time i slept good since my husband snores so bad i get 4 hours of sleep then expected to just lay there 2 to 4 hours till he gets up for work then sleep- sleeping a split shift is killing me

on top of that i have to sleep in so late that i feel i a not spending the time i want with my daughter

don't say ear plugs they don't work he snores to loud

04/13/2009 02:51 PM
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my sister's husband snored so bad that she couldn't sleep either. He finally got a c-pap machine as he was experiencing sleep apnea. That is serious as oxygen is not getting to the brain the way it's supposed to. The c-pap machine gets the oxygen to his brain while he sleeps so he sleeps all night, doesn't snore, and is not at risk for stroke etc. Maybe you can ask your husband to mention it to his Dr. to see if he needs that kind of help.

04/13/2009 10:48 PM
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Hi metalynn,

Hopefully, things are turning around for the better and the stressors in your life have diminished....

To answer your question, taking care of myself includes the following:

-take a walk/walking the dog (exercise)

-stay busy around the house (especially outdoors-it's so relaxing)

-read a newspaper, magazine or book

-watch a movie and actually hold the remote

-surf the net

-clean out MY closet/drawers

-meet a friend after work for a drink

-do my nails, straighten my hair, pluck and wax (this could take hours)

-turn the t.v. off and just listen to music and actually hear the lyrics

-play board games or card games with the kids

-try a new recipe

-take a nap

-go for a car ride

-stay up late when everyone else is asleep (like right now!)

-make play dates for the kids so they aren't sitting around "bored"

-go through old photographs that bring back wonderful memories

-teach my kids how to dance (it brings beautiful smiles to their faces and mine)

-ignore my husband when he is in one of his moods

-pray and think about things getting better

-have a good cry

-I rarely like to shop or talk on the phone, but sometimes it helps too...

Don't feel guilty for taking a little time out each day for yourself in what ever manner you see fit and make a habit of it!!!


04/14/2009 10:03 AM
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Those are great ideas!

What is the best way to take care of yourself after a flashback?

I have ways of taking care of myself when I am feeling sad, stressed, hyperaroused, etc. But after I flashback I am especially vulnerable and I don't know how to take care of myself. I always want to be around my boyfriend after a flashback, but I'd rather not depend on him for this. It makes me feel guilty and I feel guilty enough as it is! I'd like to stand on my own, especially because he is moving to another city and I won't be able to call him at a moment's notice and have him come over.

What do you do to take care of yourself after a flashback?

04/14/2009 01:17 PM
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I try to relax myself as much as possible. But go with the flow. If you need a chance to think about what happened think about it, but remember is wasn't real, just a flashback. I try to process it that way. I tend to isolate when these things happen, so being around people isn't a big deal. I just try to relax and plug along. Doing something nice like take a nap or a hot bath also helps.

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