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  "In honor of my sister who lost her battle with lung cancer on March 26, 2012." (Mimi1962)

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grandmasylvia"MDJ has been "a soft place to fall" for me as Dr Phil says. I have this very painful rare disease Dercum's Disease and take comfort in finding others here who share their knowledge and compassion. Many
members have helped me just by understanding my anguish and validating
my pain. We are working together to encourage research toward a cure.
" (grandmasylvia)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Post Abortion, together.
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    nowhere to turn 2wishiwasnumb
10/02/2012 05:24 PM
by teetazasteeler
    Wine and Abortion 1snowday12
09/09/2012 09:54 AM
by teetazasteeler
    Still angry at the world but especially at myself! 1Vani87
08/31/2012 10:37 AM
by mazzymylove
    nearly 2 months and I still feel terrible 2Libbylibby
08/31/2012 10:35 AM
by mazzymylove
    I recently had an abortion and feel so much anger? 1amyleefan1
08/31/2012 10:23 AM
by mazzymylove
    looking for a place to go for support 0concerned16
08/19/2012 11:25 AM
by concerned16
    help 3thiago1122
07/16/2012 06:06 PM
by thiago1122
    surgical abortion this friday 2otm1431
07/13/2012 03:00 PM
by teetazasteeler
    friday is my two week check up. 1MRSDalcerri
07/13/2012 02:47 PM
by teetazasteeler
    No right way to feel 2AlessandraJR
06/27/2012 12:59 AM
by MRSDalcerri
    they will always be my babys 4Taz121
06/26/2012 10:25 AM
by teetazasteeler
    39 years later 2krulisky1
06/26/2012 10:22 AM
by teetazasteeler
    new to this site. in pain and alone 2MRSDalcerri
06/26/2012 10:03 AM
by teetazasteeler
    if i could take it all back, i would. 8lexiluvvv
06/06/2012 01:03 PM
by Janet923P
    Sadness, regret, and vivid dreams months after. 1PanickedMind
05/25/2012 12:04 PM
by teetazasteeler
    Dealing with feelings days after the procedure 1mem6987
05/25/2012 11:56 AM
by teetazasteeler
    Mother's Day 1angellove
05/14/2012 05:15 PM
by teetazasteeler
    Some questions about post abortion symptoms. 1shelbystarr
05/14/2012 05:13 PM
by teetazasteeler
    Not sure how I should feel? 2blueberry555
05/07/2012 03:07 PM
by teetazasteeler
    Facing an abortion and need support 6AC31
04/26/2012 03:49 PM
by Jim50
    conjoined twins now angels 2Jordan44
04/26/2012 03:09 PM
by Jim50
    Facing an abortion and need support 7AC31
04/26/2012 02:26 PM
by AC31
    second day almost done tomorrow I feel so terrible 2justme11
04/25/2012 06:51 PM
by Jim50
    Hi, im here for my girlfriend 2Kelso13
04/19/2012 12:38 PM
by teetazasteeler
    I'm an idiot. I'm pregnant again I think... 7preggoand14
04/17/2012 01:46 AM
by preggoand14
    Please Share Your Abortion Experiences 6blonkabee
04/11/2012 06:33 AM
by Snowpuma
    I am your coleader 0teetazasteeler
04/09/2012 05:58 PM
by teetazasteeler
    lifelong regret! 4womanfarrier
04/09/2012 05:41 PM
by teetazasteeler
    3 Months later... feeling regret 3LoveActually
04/09/2012 05:33 PM
by teetazasteeler
    Had an abortion,started takin loestrin now scared 1unsure123
04/09/2012 05:31 PM
by teetazasteeler
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