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12/26/2011 07:44 PM

Post abortive

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I am 34 years old and post abortive. Are there any medications out there that are helpful for you? I have severe memory issues and emotional and mental trama. I also have ADD, brain fog, sadness, depression, feeling like I am drowning, overwhelmed all the time, denial, anxiety, anger, wonder if my living children are affected by all of this (I do pretty good at faking it and "trying" to have it all together for them) Any thoughts or suggestions out there? I've been to counceling, but wonder if I should find someone else. Let me know your thoughts, experiences with meds, counceling, therapy, etc...thanks so much!

12/28/2011 09:19 AM
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If you have been in counselling and you feel like it is not doing anything for you, you may want to look at finding a new counselor. There are a lot of different schools of thought as far as treatments and some work better for some people better for others so if one method doesn't work find one that makes more since to you and helps you.

One technique that helped me through my depression was every time I started to think a self defeating thought was to make a conscious effort to stop myself and ask myself why I was thinking that? if it was rational, if it made sense. the more I did it the more natural it became and the less those thoughts could eat me alive...

Also get physically active, there is a lot of research showing that doing cardio exercises can be very effective in stabilizing your mood.

02/04/2012 01:59 PM
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i am not on any anymore almost tried again. thats just not my thing anymore. i do take health meds. i have high blood pressure, fibro,carpal tunnel. female issues.

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