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08/16/2011 06:03 AM

Back from Idaho :)

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Good morning my wonderful friends, Hope you are doing well this fine day. Smile

I am back home but not entirely back here on site, as got an attack of shingles the night before coming down off the mountain. I was so thankful I had thrown in my shingles med out of habit, while packing to go. Once I figured out it wasn't a sinus infection, I started it right away. I am still in much pain and just feel plain lousy, but with my Tramadol, Tylenol and the Valtrex at least I can sit here and type for a bit. My head is already getting heavy though so this will be about it for now.

Hopefully I will feel like coming back online later and start catching up on posts for the last week. Ohhhhhh, my head aches thinking about how many I've missed. Pinch Maybe I will just do what shows for now and catch up over time. I know you have all taken good care of one another so have no worry about hurrying. Smile <3

Massive, contented to be home hugs! Can't wait to talk to you all. Karen


08/16/2011 07:40 AM
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Glad your back Karen. Sorry you are ill, I am fortunate and haven't ever had shingles. I've had friends that have however and they were miserable.

Very gentle hugs.

08/16/2011 08:15 AM
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Karen, Please please please take it really easy/gently right now so you can heal properly. Keeping you as well as your hubby in this batgirl's prayers, too, for sure!

Giant gentle special hugs to you Karen, Love Clarita Smile(exhausted batgirl in high pains- holding on tightly)

08/16/2011 02:14 PM

Glad you back chickie, missed you bunches. You take care and rest up, darn shingles anyway. Sad Sorry you are having to deal with them. Hugs and Love, Ann Smile

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