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12/17/2008 06:51 AM

A negitive son

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Hi, I love positive thinking, been doing it for years and over the years people have really been upset with me. Amazing how some like to stay in a bad mood. One of my sons practices positive thinking in reverse, I think. Anytime you talk to him, one on one, he is always fussing about something first. After he is finished, about 5 minutes, he starts to turn things around and ends up smiling and laughing, usually I don't have to do anything but be there and listen. Maybe, crabbing about things is good for some people, my sister never seems to have anything good to say, but she seems content with her life. Of course, after a couple of days around her, I need a break, (lol). She was,"going on",about her grand-daughter the other day. It's true, the kid never seems to be quiet, but anyway I think it is better she is active with no physical conditions, than the alternitive. I'm working on convincing her grandmother; might even succeed sometime. Last time though, she practically told me where to go.Smile

12/17/2008 07:04 AM
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How old is yr son?

My daughter is 14 and her hormones drive me crazy, but I still love her, because she is part of me.She is always fussing about something or ill at someone....... sometimes I just laugh at her other times I could scream.We need to pray about this.



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