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05/03/2012 09:17 AM

Low Self Esteem/Over Confident?

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I'm a 21 year old female. I just graduated college last month... I studied Secondary Education major in English.

Now, I'm supposed to be job hunting but I'm scared to pass my resume. I hope to get a teaching job as a high school teacher... and maybe, just maybe, if the heavens allowed such a miracle... as a college instructor... that would be so cool, I think.

But the thing is... I cant bring myself to.

I'm scared of being rejected and failing.

What if I cant answer the interview questions correctly?

I have no problem with written exams... but the oral... in front of deans or principals or school department head teachers?

I'm frightened. What if I stutter? Or be dumfounded, not knowing how to answer? What if they critique me??? OMG... I dont know what to do if they tell me i cant work at their school because im not good enough. Its gonna be so heartbreaking...

So i keep stalling... even if i badly need a job cause i have many debts to pay...

why dont i believe in myself?

Everybody else seems to believe in me... in my capabilities.

BTW, I graduated WITH HONORS. :/

I didnt believe it myself, I didnt think i deserved something like that... but i guess the grades were computed by the college registrar and it showed my grade high enough to qualify for honors.

I dont know what to do.

I know that in applying for a job, i should be confident in myself.

Right now, I dont feel that way... I dont really know why...

I know I have a good resume. So whats wrong with me?

(Sometimes, Im so overconfident that I believe I can do anything... that i set my mind to doing... it's just not one of those times... I REALLY HOPE I WOULD BE CONFIDENT THIS TIME... I really need it...)

Any comments, suggestions, thoughts about my situation?


05/03/2012 02:38 PM
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You have a right to achieve all your dreams plus you have all the qualifications/skills to make these dreams of yours a reality so do not let your fear hold You back. Either learn to be your own life coach- talk yourself around to face your fears or hire a life coach ot help You( just be proactive/dynamic in making your future one that you are in control of instead of the fear/anxiety of failure- flip the anxiety on its head).

You are probably in reality over qualified no under qualified for any job you go for!!

Stop stalling. Tell yourself that you are going to stop falling into the same groundhog day hole- you will step out with confidence.

Give yourself a kick in the right direction- be your own best friend- You can do this plus you owe it to You to make it so/make it happen!!

Perhaps hypnosis would help You? Just if something is not working for you/if anxiety is getting in the way- refuse to let it- you have the keys to this(whether it is by seeking out the inner hero within you or finding a therapist/coach who can help you beat the anxiety- just change the record!

We are all here for You as well as rooting for You mightily!!

Would love to be in your situation as with my severe health challenges work is not possible for me(on disability)even part time, truly!! Yet, whatever our situation is- we must do all that we can do plus do this to our fullest as we owe it to the world to shine our lights!!

You Shine Your Light!!

Found these links you may like.

Am here for you if you want to pm me too.

You can do this!! We are here for You every step of the way so lean on us, okay!! Remember to be your own best friend, too!

Warmest wishes ,gentle giant hugs, love Clarita Smile Down-When-Anxiety-Strikes fearoffailure.htm perfectionism/

05/04/2012 06:03 AM
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Hello, My dear friend.....

First and for most congrates on graduating...I am soo very proud of you...Oh, and with honors...that is really good...I am one of thoses students that really need to work hard on getting good grades....To tell you the truth, what you are feeling is very common in most graduates...I work in higher education and I see this all the time...H*ll, even I have fault this way a time or too....

Hang in there and now that you are truly a gifted young wonderful...Saying big prayers for you and wishing you the best.



05/06/2012 12:02 AM


Firstly, we match on many things Wink I studied English and did teacher training in Uni, with a view of being a teacher! My life took various tangents and I ended up doing different work, before finally going back to it last month.

I guarantee that during an interview, at some stage, you will say the wrong thing. I also guarantee you will probably stutter. You will also probably interrupt by accident, sit wrongly, ask the wrong question, scratch your head at the wrong time, shake hands slightly differently and no doubt get the giggles when the nerves get too much.

But this is life. We can't be perfect, we can't always get things right all of the time, every time. It doesn't work that way.

Part of being human means we're all unique. We all offer different things, and we all handle things differently. Part of what makes a good teacher isn't all about how well you interview. It's about passion. It's about dedication. Why be a teacher? What will YOU get out of it? What can you offer?

Take the focus off what you think you will get wrong. Focus on what you think you will get right in class.

At the moment, I am teaching English in the heart of the East End of London. Jobs for 16 to 18 year olds are scarce. The entry level jobs are so hard to get. I have 2 students in my class that have lived in their own small apartment since they were 15 1/2, one has a 2 year old daughter and she's only 16 herself. I am a teacher, social worker, support worker, counsellor and crisis officer. I motivate, I give them hope. I give them confidence. I give them praise when everyone else in their family mock them.


Why do you want to be a teacher? What can you offer?

Once you get that straight in your mind, and you have the passion and dedication to make a difference....the worries about the interview will vanish. Because the interview is the one step you get through to start making a difference. Whoever is interviewing you will overlook the stutter and the silly thing you say in reply to a question, if they can see that this isn't just a job to you, it's a passion and going to be your life.

Get that CV sent out now!


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