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03/07/2012 04:18 AM

Childlike actions are not just for children

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Have you ever noticed the carefree spirit of a child? The littlest of things excite them and bring them joy. They seem to have x-ray vision at times, when they point out things like seeing a rainbow tucked behind the clouds during a storm.

Often children are found clapping and dancing, randomly. Only they know why!

Perhaps as we become older we are not so carefree and happy as to walk around clapping, dancing or noticing the simple joys in life. For some, maybe a life of tragedies, challenges and pain has covered up our childlike spirit.

Other people have told me that acting childlike is just not an acceptable social behavior and does not seemed dignified.

I think children may be on the right track on how to celebrate life when they act childlike. I think hearing children's laughter, watching them dance and clap for various reasons or none at all is wonderful! When I am able to enjoy the childlike behavior of others I am reminded of the simplicities of life.

While we as adults have obligations and responsibilities and have lived a life of multiple experiences that may have chipped away at our sense of childlike joy, we also have a choice about how we experience life.

I can still be a professional, a mom, a life long learner and dance and clap along the way! I regularly stop along the way and pet (and talk to!) pups out with their owners. I take the time to talk with kids and whenever I can join in their laughter (even if I'm not so sure what is so funny!).

Recently I was on a plane that had been sitting on the runway for way too long prior to take off. I heard many adults complaining about being late for their next flight or their meeting. One man loudly asked to be let off of the plane (see Meet The Fockers movie about what happens to unruly passengers on flights!). But the children on the plane were having fun!

The kids were laughing, playing and singing! When the plane finally took off, they raised their arms up and said hooray and clapped. Same thing when the plane landed at our destination. I realized we always have a choice.

We can complain, become unruly and have a bad attitude. And those behaviors solve what? Or, we can laugh, sing or clap in our best childlike way!

I think Dr. Suess and many kids are on to something; “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.” — Dr. Seuss

Some simple ways for you, if you are so inclined, to find that childlike spirit within;

■Smile and laugh often, even at the silliest of things

■Spend some time observing children; they set a great example of a natural childlike spirit

■Think back to at least one time as child that you clapped and danced, and try to re-connect to those feelings

■Remind yourself the next time you are irritated that you have a choice to let that ruin your day or choose to be joyful despite the circumstances

■Practice dancing and clapping in the car, it helps to chip away at feeling embarrassed the next time you want to join in with some kids out in public!

We look forward to hearing about your childlike behaviors and experiences and invite you to share without embarrassment or judgment. For now, I have to run… going to join the kids laughing, dancing and singing at the pool area!


Above article written by Angela Schaefers


Giant gentle hugs from this childlike batgirl Clarita Smile

(had to share this picture with you all as went to the zoo yesterday yet this is not a picture of me Wink)

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