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03/04/2012 03:42 AM

Frustration trying to talk on here from outside in

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I have a lot of problems trying to concentrate as parents telling me get off the computer when just started saying its bad for me makes me so tence

then confidence goes.

I care for both parents and its so hot because dad feels the cold he has it at 22.c all day makes fibro bad also fatigue is terrible I dont know

how to solve this, any ideas

all the best to all



03/05/2012 04:29 AM
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Bobby, Heart goes out to you big time most definitely!! Can identify with you as have been where you are now- have lived with parents whilst having fibro- sure is not easy!!!!

Maybe if they will not listen to you then maybe try writing them a letter to explain your needs with fibro as well as your needs for support- maybe just maybe they will take more note if you write it down to them so they can read it?

Found this good link you might like to check out:-

Try saying to them that with fibro you need as much support as possible as it uplifts the spirits which is essential whilst living with the myriad of challenged with fibro- speak as a fellow fibromite- as well as say that with fibro your internal thermostat is broken so you either get really hot or really cold yet feel temperature differently to normals.

Sure am hoping you can get through to them soon as You are important as is doing what is best for your health. Also, you have been there for them so it is their turn to look out for you to- repay the favour!!

Being here is good for You as you can talk to people who truly care as well as will try to make you feel uplifted.

Am rooting massively for You. Keeping you in my prayers, too.

Hold on tightly!!

Sending super gentle hugs your way from Devon to London- across the UK from SW to SE England, along with some Celtic Blessings for You, sisterly love Clara

Smile Dolphin smiles and angels hugs(i) to You (i) too Smile



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