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01/14/2009 11:13 PM

Back from a long night + thanks


hi, first as usual : good morning America

I read all your post and had tears in my eyes, feel much better now, thanks you all have a place in my heart

last night was sleeping at 20.30 because i think it was better than take a risk to do something bad to myself again, so sorry to let you down.

NOw i am ok so how do you fell today, tell me what your mood and yours plans for today.

Waiting for you and looking forward to see you on line.

Kisses christine


01/15/2009 03:20 AM

Good Morning Christine! Happy Afternoon France!!


Christine I am feeling ok here. It is really cold with temps in the 0's. What is the weather like today for you?

My plans are to go to work today where I have performance appraisals to do.

I missed you dear!!!!!!



01/15/2009 11:40 AM

thanks a lot april since now you are back to work no ?

01/15/2009 08:03 PM
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Sorry Christine I am usually on when I am sure you and April are in bed but sometimes I get to tell you good moring and that is Great.

My mood is GOOD and I and HAPPY you are here....You did not let anyone down sometimes you have to take care of yourself..

Hugs,Luv,Kisses and Blessings,


Angel Blessings to You.

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01/16/2009 06:25 AM

thanks a lot vivian we are so happy and lucky to have you in our life.kisses and hugs

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