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06/18/2011 08:02 PM

Hello All..... ups and downs

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Welcome back Clarita. When you feel you need 2 weeks to unwind after a vacation that means the vacation was really great. Am so glad, you deserve it! Sorry your pains are high, dear one, this you do NOT deserve. Bat girl gives and gives and now again the activity here is at full speed.....

After feeling so good for a long time I've had a major setback. Well, that pain in my side never really stopped, I just stopped paying attention to it - now it's back in high gear, along with some pretty nasty other things. Have had a bunch of tests and they still don't know. Need to see another specialist, making the appt. Monday, means need to drive 50 miles to see him. Don't feel like getting out of bed, less driving! This thing is getting worse day by day.

So that's why haven't been around here, just haven't had the energy to expand. Will say I do have a new aide who seems lovely and have flowers planted in my garden, beautiful (a bit late, but who's counting days). My social activities have, for now, stopped, but not completely because you are always here.



How I physically feel: Sick Blink Sad Dizzy

How I feel otherwise: Wink Tongue , and a bit Sideways Dizzy

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06/18/2011 09:28 PM
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Leigha, sorry for the set back and all the pain. I hope the doctors can find some answers for you soon.

Glad you have a new aid and have gotten your flowers planted. The flowers can brighten our days.

Glad you are here with us. Gentle hugs, John.

06/18/2011 11:41 PM

Hang in there. It is awful to have constant pain. Pain really does affect other parts of our life.

So it is very important to visualize and affirm positive. Each day I stay present and focus onmmy goals is a present I give myself.

06/19/2011 01:25 AM
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Leigha, Hang in there really tightly! You sometimes have to fight even when it is just to get out of bed or to not let the high pains stop you from still striving as well as having hope for the future, most definitely!! Just take everything one small step at a time, okay!! Agree with Samadha- visualisation exercises focusing on many positive beautiful images is key! Also essential is the positive affirmation exercises! Focus on all the words of light here, also!!

Honey, have high pains myself right now so am also hanging in there tightly. Yet, did know this would most likely happen as have had a pretty amazing vacation with probably not nearly enough rest yet was just so excited to be somewhere new so wanted to see lots of new pretty places with hubby!!

Leigha, really pleased that you have a good new aide who seems lovely. Great that she has planted some flowers in your garden for you, too!!

Thanks for your kind words to this batgirl WinkSmile- bless you precious friend! Would not say that deserve or do not deserve the high pains- have a very philosophical almost Buddhist thinking toward pains or challenges- it just is what it is. Besides, just like to see the positives in everything no matter what. Also, am very lucky in that have people who take very good care of me right here right now so this enables me to be able to be here on MDJ as often as am as well as makes it easier to be upbeat so can encourage others.

Truly hope that the doctors can help you- make your quality of life better soon, for sure! Echo the words of my co leader and fine friend John.

Sure am glad you can be with us all- whenever you can!

Am keeping all my fingers crossed for you that your ups will be more than your downs , in near future. Asking heaven to send you many angels , earth angels, relief from high pains, much beauty as well as a rainbow or two to shine in your sky, plus any signs that will may hope bloom within you- asking heaven for all this for you plus more, may it be tenderly yet tremendously so!!

Take most excellent care of You Leigha please.

All my love, your batgirl friend for always come rain or shine or storm or rainbow, Love and Light to You , warmest wishes and Celtic Blessings Clarita Smilexooxoooxoox

Dolphin smiles across the miles to You tooSilly Smile


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