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10/29/2010 07:53 PM

Color your Life!

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i'm serious. Colors tell us so much about what we are feeling, what our lives are like right now. So, describe your life to us in colors.....what colors and why are in your life right now? I'll go first. Right now in my life there is:

silver-hope, beauty

light blue-wish for sunny days

green-new beginnings

ocean blue-the current i'm still struggling against

red-the pain i'm trying to work through


10/30/2010 08:44 AM
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Colours/Colors sure do say much about our personality, how we are feeling plus how our live are right now, absoloutely agree with you Irish Angel! Fantastic topic, too!!

Adore these colours especially - purple, deep pink, blues, greens , champagne gold,and turquoise especially!! Aqua marine and Topaz are my favourite gem stones, too! Will let the color/colour expert analyse this Wink Smile!!

Purple to me is about mystery, seeking truth as well as helping out others.

Pink is a warm colour as well as a feminine colour- worn this colour more since being with my hubby Wink!

Champagne gold- this was the colour of my wedding dress yet also love wearing this colour in skirts and dresses especially in the summer. Our lounge is champagne gold in colour, too- it is both warm as well as relaxing.

Blues- have always loved blues- remind me of the sky and the ocean. Am a dreamer as well as an optimist so think blue suits me well with this colour.

Aqua/turquoise- a calming colour.

Green- colour of nature. Green is a tranquil colour. Apparently liking green means you are a good listener- this is true with me for sure!! Have big bat ears Wink!Think green as a colour keeps me balanced, too!

Bat girl likes to sometimes mix purples with reds even though that is not supposed to be right style wise-yet bat girl is a rebel! Am slightly kooky Wink( have always been like this , too) Smile!

Thanks Irish Angel Smile!

May you all find healing through colours/colors as well as insight- may it be so!

Giant gentle hugs, love Clarita xooxooxoox

11/01/2010 04:28 AM

Blue is my favorite color…for it is the color of peace and tranquility, the things my soul craves but which are absent in my life.

Red is the color of my hair…the fire of my art's imagination seeking release upon the canvas.

Purple is spirit…a place of prayer.

Green is where I wish to a healing forest , lush with flora and fauna.

11/01/2010 09:27 AM
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mrsweasley- your words are like beautiful poetry! Love the explanations for the colours/colors- awesome!!

Truly hope you will find much blue- a sea of tranquility- in your life- that your canvas will have this colour/color, for sure!!

Adore your icon, too, gorgeous picture with gorgeous colours!

Massive gentle hugs plus healing colours/colors be unto You, love ClaritaSmilexooxooxooxSilly inspirational

11/02/2010 07:39 AM

Thanks Clarita *hugs* Smile Wishing a peaceful day full of promise to everyone!

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12/28/2010 12:48 PM
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greens...there are so many greens, my world is surrounded with greens and there are so many different greens found in nature. Even in the winter my world is green, I love when I do china painting. because you can make the colors seem transparent by painting very light successive coats, and firing in between....and because there are so many greens......

Greens make me feel good, they make me feel like healing, when I meditate and

go to the zone, my third eye is green......I think of healing when I see green, renewal is green, fresh buds, new growth , baby green green...

dark green; the depths of the forest,


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12/28/2010 05:42 PM
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i love all colors, amythist is my favorite gemstone, purple is my one favorite color, because it is healing, Sapphire blue is absolutely georgeous, it's my mikeys birthstone, but i adore pink, and deep maroons is my colors for clothing,especially burgundy i look so full of life with maroon, it's nice to think on these things, i work with beads so, i relly have a love for all colours, and i am an artist, so you cant be without a single one, love Debi

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