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05/24/2010 06:27 PM



I've been accepted for an clinical psychology internship. I will be spending the weekend with teenaged girls who attend group therapy with one another. I'm supposed to brain storm "therapeutic" activities I can do with them, anything from art projects to games etc. Self-esteem is a HUGE issue with teenage girls. So does anyone here have any ideas what I can do with them to help boost their self esteem?

Thanks a bunch!


05/24/2010 06:38 PM
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I have a teen daughter suffering from low self esteem, so let me know what you find that works. I know the church youth group does things like have them make animal sounds. I think that more levels the playing field then boost self confidence

05/25/2010 11:21 AM

Congradulations on your intern position. I did a little research and found a web site that may be helpful: activities.html

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

05/26/2010 04:49 AM
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Do you have a budget? It might be fun to see how they work together on a jewelry making kit....then they would have something to take home too.... skw=bracelet+kits

I have made earrings from these kits and gthey are supper easy....they come in 6 kits at a time for 3.16 The company ships fast and only

When I did adolescent groups on the psych side of the hospital I found girls opened p better too each and me when they had something they could all work on at a time....and they get to take a sweet bracelet home with them.

ask openended questions AND BE YOURSELF they hate phoneys...



05/26/2010 07:32 PM

That site is helpful, I'll bring it up at the meeting.

I'm sure there is a budget, I'm not sure what its being used for. The Psychologist who is running the internship and the weekend was my therapist in high school, and the group "Its a Girl Thing" is the same one I was in (with different people of course). I didn't go on the weekend trips, but we were always doing tye dying and art projects and stuff like that.

Thanks! Any more ideas PLEASE let me know Smile


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