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04/05/2011 09:54 PM


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does any1 else suffer what i like to call"death cramps"? its when u cant take the pain anymore and u beg for death to come and take you already. you have to actually breathe thru them like contractions. you want to claw every1s eyes out because they are not in the amount of pain you are in? yep, thats the cramps im talking about. Unfortunately i have suffered this problem since the tender age of eleven. i always got the same response from my mother- take some tylenol and lay down. meanwhile back in my bed im silently bargaining with God that i'll never hit my sister again if He'll just make it stop. lol i asked my Husband once if he could set me up an IV drip of extra strentgh Midol and he has the nerve to laugh like i was joking! I have been begging dr's for years to just take out what ever causes this or give me a hysterectomy, nut they still say im too young. Im 30 now and feel that if i want it out i should have that option. i might be a lot happier if i didnt have all these problems wrong with my female organs. im done having kids so y wont they do it?Laughing

04/14/2011 01:21 PM
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Have you been checked for endometriosis. I know PCOS can cause painful periods, but having both PCOS and Ednometriosis what you have sounds at lot like what women with endometriosis suffer from. Just a thought. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

04/16/2011 04:12 PM
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I agree with Melba, the symptoms you are having sound a lot like endometriosis. I get those cramps, too, and they are completely debilitating. I've noticed for me that the longer my menses is regular, the more painful they get, and that is just odd to me. I know I have to go get checked for endometriosis myself. PCOS is a tricky beast, and it seems to LOVE company! I hope you get some help for it!



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