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05/04/2012 06:49 AM

i am a pkd patient...and will get a fistula!

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I am arriving at that time of this disease, that i shall recieve a fistula in my arm, with preparation for dialisis in the near future. I have had years to prepare, however, since my last dr. appointment, i am going through a number of different emotions in regard to all the unknown! I know that i must take it one day at a time, and, i will make it through the ordeal. I have relatives that have the disease and have some support, but, i know there is absolutely no one that can give me any answers to the when, how, what and ifs of this disease! I have found over the years that knowledge about the disease is of great value and helps with the acceptance and understanding of what is happening. I hope that i can give something back in some way, and there is yet so much more to learn!

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