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02/26/2012 03:51 PM

I think I have PLC

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Hello, I am a 26 year old female and am waiting on biopsy results to confirm I have PLC. About 4 weeks ago I developed one small brownish red spot on my upper thigh which began to grow to a larger and larger spot. I went to a derm who said it was likely an infected hair follicle, I went elsewhere for a 2nd opinion after a 2nd spot developed and that derm thought it was impetigo or another bacterial infection. He prescribed doxycycline and Erythromycin cream, but after doing google research I am 99% sure that I have some form of pityriasis, likely to be PLC.

As a child I had pityriasis rosea and wonder if this is an underlying condition that we are born with that is brought out by certain factors. I was under a lot of stress when the symptoms began.

Now i have small red, scaly marks and raised patches all over my body, mostly on my stomach and thighs and even a few small spots on my face and neck which are particularly embarrassing.

This disease is so difficult to understand and I am frustrated feeling like there is nothing I can do to subdue or control it. Is there any hope it will run its course and fade away on its own or should I start to accept that I will never have my clear skin back again?

If anyone can explain to me how often this disease comes and goes for them or if they have marks on them all of the time, I would appreciate it. I have began going to the tanning salon as well with no luck so far.

Thanks all.


03/13/2012 04:11 PM
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how did your biopsy go? hopefuly it isnt pleva or plc but to be honest when i got my diagnosis i was just happy i didnt have some kind of cancer. although since my diagnosis i have had multiple othe symptoms like both feet, and calf pain, night sweats, and other wierd ones that may or may not be associated with it. Tons of tests constantly reassure me nothing else is going on but only thew xanax allows me to go through my day to day working and raising my kids, my wife is crazy supportive of everyhting to get me back to 100% especially since we got 1 more on the way now. so i cant be dyin any time anyways i first came down with the dotson my arms last march and by september they were enveloping my body except for my face palms and soles. a biopsy from ucsf confirmed the pleva. after about 3 moths of tetracycline mines fading away for the most part. still gettin a couple new ones every now and then on the tops of my feet but other than that i can look at myself in the mirror and not breakdown. so theres hope. now if they could explain all the other things i could go back to a semi stress free life. good luck!

01/29/2013 07:24 PM
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Hi all,

I have just been diagnosed with plc and am still in shock I think but want to talk to others that have this condition and what can be done to help it or get ride of it. I am from sydney Australia and would be grateful for any feedback.


01/30/2013 07:25 PM
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UPDATE - I was ultimately diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea (PR) despite having had the condition as a child. It took several biopsies to confirm and about 8 - 9 weeks to completely clear up. Once the scaly, red patches faded away they left behind white circular marks which eventually cleared up as well with sun exposure.

I still get a spot or two from time to time and is just something I have learned to deal with. Lotions and sun exposure are all that seem to help this terrible skin condition.

Thanks all


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