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02/06/2012 11:52 AM

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well the Endo called me today and said that i was in the "normal range" for my 24 hour urine test and they will no longer see me at u of m even though there is a tumor there and i seen it on the MRI i am about ready to say i am GP is good but the pituitary tumor is a bit out of here expertise..

i struggle with syntomes of it everyday, especially my balance. I have to make sure there is someone at my house when i shower because i am terrified i am going to fall in the shower, i am 32 ugh


02/06/2012 07:38 PM
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So sorry you have to go through all of that. I agree you need to find a new Endo. also get copies of everything... you may show "normal" but be very boarderline.Or they may not tell you about everything on your labs. What all have the tested for you? they should be testing all Endo functions from your pituitary function to the rest of your endocrine functioning. I just got tested for a pituitary tumor after months of my GP telling me it's all anxiety and nothing is wrong. I had to go search on my own with over 40 different symptoms. My pituitary does not make ACTH for somer reason thus making my cortisol levels low. so Keep your chin up and make sure you advocate for yourself. I was only 26 ( i am 27 now) when I had to go through all of this and my doctors including 7 ER doctors all called me "crazy" and told me it was anxiety. I knew in my heart that they were wrong and that something was wrong. i began seaerching my own symptoms and I decided to see an endocrinologist and they tested EVERYTHING. that's when they found my pituitary issue. i just had my pituitary MRI last week, so i am waiting on results, but it does not matter if I have a pituitary tumor or not as I am defficient in ACTH and cortisol and vitmain d and potassium, and I am anemic, so I have some issues going on, but I am proud that I stood up for myself and did not let the doctor walk all over me.

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