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12/21/2010 07:25 AM

what to expect after pituitary surgery

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Can anyone give me some info on what to expect after surgery? It's been a little over a week for me and I am getting some bleeding from my nose and a few twinges in my forehead. Thanks for any info you can give me.



12/23/2010 09:29 AM
JohanGPosts: 9
New Member

Hi there Sandy. I am now three and a half weeks post surgery. I think a a bit of bleeding is normal. Your sinusses took a major knock after all. I too have some twitching in the forehead, left eye and temple. I still have mild headaches daily. My nose feels swollen and sore and my upper lip is numb and swollen and uncomfortable. I still have a post nasal drip. In addition I am suffering from severe anxiety and depression for the first time in my life as well as constant diarrhoea.

So, in short, I don't think you need to be concerned at all unless the bleeding becomes heavy, constant and associated with severe pain.

Good luck with your recovery. I too wish I had been better briefed by my surgeon as to what to expect during recovery.


12/23/2010 08:09 PM
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HI Johan,

I am almost 2 weeks out of surgery. I was posting on the main wall, but I think they want to use it for people that are going through surgery, so it was suggested that I make a post for after surgery. For me, the info you posted was very informative. I found it easy when I was in the hospital and seeing the Dr., but afterwards. because you are getting professional advise. After the surgery, you start to wonder and I found myself a little more vulnerable because I wasn't sure what was going on was normal!! I am almost 2 weeks out of surgery, and can now bend down without feeling funny. I still get some blood and "ugly gook" out of my nose at times, but the Dr. said it was normal.

I am glad (not for you but for me) that it is sorta normal. Hopefully we can keep this site going as I think its really tough after you have been discharged and often wonder if what you are experiencing is just OK!!

12/24/2010 08:27 AM
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There is no main wall Sandy, its just that some topics, kinda wander off the topic that was started. Please, feel free to start a new topic on anything you want, questions, concerns, venting, ect. Then its easier for everyone to see that someone started a different discussion. If you click on the tab, group home at the top, it will show in order the most recent posts.

Youre sooo right about the feeling after surgery. I called the clinic almost daily with questions, LOL

From being on this site, Ive learned that no two recoveries are the same. Some people have a quicker, easier time than others. Which is why this was a great topic to start!

03/18/2012 06:55 AM
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I am 6 days post op, and I feel like crap. I wish the docs would of told me that 1) I wouldn't be able to breathe, smell or taste 2) that I would have such awful headache and pain in my head after surgery. I can't tell if my body feels different from the surgery (better, worse or same) cause the excrusciating head pain takes over and I can't feel anything but that. Id like to know when ill be able to breath smell n taste again. And I am trying not to take those pain meds they sent me home with cause they seem to make me consipated but when the pain is bad I have to take one. Anyone else have advice on what to use for the head pain? Oh and eye pain, dear lord it hurts so much sometimes, feels like someone just punched me in both eyes! Thanks for any help!

07/23/2012 03:37 PM
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I think the best description I got was that it was like having the flu for a couple of weeks. It kinda was - the dull headaches, dizziness, dripping nose, inability to smell or taste...but for me, all of these were pretty mild, thank God. It really did remind me of being ill with a cold/flu. I even began drinking honey and lemon drinks!

11/28/2012 04:22 PM
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had surgery two days ago. i have mild headaches, nose bleeds, weakness, stuffy nose bad taste in throat. i just want to know wen was the earliest these problems stop and healed

11/30/2012 12:08 PM
KenHatchPosts: 207
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Surgery July 20. Headaches lasted 10 weeks. Smell came back 15 weeks.

12/03/2012 09:01 PM
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Adj, I had surgery on 07 November. I felt great after two weeks. I have some residual effects of mild headaches and drippy nose but overall feel normal after almost 4 weeks.

10/01/2013 07:56 PM
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It's been almost 6 weeks post surgery for me. The surgery went really smooth but i pretty much did nothing but sleep for the fist two weeks. I for sure took the pain killers they sent home with me. If I didn't, I had headaches. After 3 weeks I started weening myself off of them. I still take one or two a day just so I don't have the pressure in my head. They can give you something for the constipation caused by pain killers. It took about 4 weeks before I started to be able to smell and taste. Using a netti pot helped a lot. I still get tired but its getting much better. Good luck with your recovery

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