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10/31/2010 04:39 PM

lymph nodes swelled

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I'm wondering if anyone who has a pituitary tumor has or had swelled lymph nodes in your neck just under your jaw line? I have had this for a couple of years and always attributed it to lyme but it still has not gone away at all even though I've been on antibiotic treatment now for 2 years. I'm trying to figure out what symptoms are coming from lyme and which ones are coming from pituitary microadenoma. Thanks!

11/02/2010 06:26 AM
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Hi bjb,

I dont recall having any swollen lymph nodes. That is usually a sign of infection, but gesshhh 2yrs of antibiotics! I would think its something else too.

There are alot of possible symptoms for microadenomas. It also depends if its a functioning type, or non-functioning type. I did find this link listing symptoms pituitary-microadenoma-p2.html

Not sure if it will answer your question though.

Brenda Smile

11/11/2010 05:42 PM
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01/17/2013 11:44 AM
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I have pituitary tumor also which I am treating with bromocriptine for 4 months. Since a month I also realised that I have swollen lymph nodes, also the small ones. I didnt see yet any doctors with my problem.

Can you please tell me if yours disappeared finally? Did medicine help you?

Thank you!



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