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11/17/2009 10:03 PM

How do you feel after surgery

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I have a 17mm macroadenoma which may or may not be secreting cortisol as my levels are high and all my other hormones are normal and the doctors are unsure.

I'm having surgery on the 10th of December and was just wondering how people felt after surgery, the length of the recovery time and how restriced they were with driving, lifting etc?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated??


11/17/2009 10:57 PM
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I had endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery to remove what turned out to be a 10x10x16 (cm) Rathke Cleft Cyst last Monday.

Day 1: I went into surgery fairly scared and the pre-op team knew it. My BP was 145/80 and is normally 125-130/80. When I woke up in the recovery room it literally felt like someone punched me square on the nose. Luckily that only lasted for about an hour and went away by the time they wheeled me to my room.

No CSF leaks.

I had some nasal drainage and was VERY congested. While in my room they loaded me up with two bags of antibiotics via IV as well as 2mg of morphine. Can't say that I like the morphine as it made me sick.

My dinner consisted of a liquid diet. They cathetered me and my RN removed it during mid-day. That thing hurt so bad, but I think the cost of it will hurt even more.

Also, my throat was sore from the endotracheal tube that the anesthetic.

The RNs and clinical partners checked my vitals every two hours.

I also began the nasal saline rinses and was directed to use it every hour.

Day 2: I woke up feeling a lot better than the first day but was still congested. My sodium levels and complete metabolic panel came back fine. However, during the afternoon I started voiding a lot of liquid. In other words, I was urinating an easy 600-700cc of fluid every hour. They drew my blood and I fell into the ever so lucky group that gets diabetes insipidus.

The RN gave me a shot to control the ADH and all was well.

Day 3: Pretty much the same as Day 2 with less congestion. I was released in the afternoon. We didn't go home that day as we live an easy 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Instead, we stayed in a hotel room till 11/14/2009.

I started to void a lot of fluid frequently and took a DDVAP spray up the nose.

Day 4 - 6: Same as Day 3 but with a lot less congestion. We went home on Day 6 and fell asleep as soon as I walked through the door.

Present Day: I can easily breathe through my nose again and feel fairly fine. I get tired easily and have limited myself per doctors orders to not pick anything up greater than 8-10 lbs..

My sodium levels swayed a little bit to the low side of things and am retaining more fluid than I am expelling. The endocrinologist claims that this is normal and I should transition out of it and my plumbing will go back to normal.

If it weren't for my wife, I'd probably get in the car and take it up one of the local mountain roads to my favorite brewery. For the most part, I feel fine, just slightly limited. Each day that goes by I'm feel stronger and more able. Hopefully that trend continues. I plan to be back up on my feet doing what I like to do.

IF you do opt for surgery and depending on what sort of resources you have at your disposal, definitely go with a team that you are comfortable with and trust. My wife and I honestly feel that we had an +A team. All the way from the neurosurgeon, endocrinologists, OR nurse and to the clinical partner that took my urine samples - they were all GOOD.

My endocrinologist and neurosurgeon have been great so far and really understand our desire to have children. As of right now, we feel that will help with my treatment and recovery.

11/17/2009 11:38 PM
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As a side note, there is still a lot of hope for my wife and I. This is going to border "too much information" and quite possibly vulgar category but I had a semen analysis done a week prior to surgery. The reason for this was:

1) Baseline myself so there is something that can be compared to after surgery.

2) If time permitted, get some of those boys frozen.

3) I'm a man with a male ego. I just HAD to know.

Turns out that the analysis came out rock solid. The motility is a bit low but everything else was great and my count was high. We gave the information to the endocrinologists and they along with tne neurosurgeon agree - my hormones should stay at the very least the same and will just have to wait and see about LH and total-T.

11/18/2009 11:53 AM
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Hi Slove..

Every surgery, and recovery is different, as Im sure you know by reading the forums.

My non-functioning adenoma was 3.3cmx 4.5cm.

I felt very fatigued after surgery, but most of that was due to the lacking cortisol hormone.

Not too much pain at all. I took T2s once when I was home.

I couldnt smell or taste anything for about 6wks.

There was concern that I was leaking CSF when I came home. But that resolved on its own.

My biggest complaint, as most members here know.. is that my pituitary stopped working. I would be back working by now if it wasnt for that.

I drove about 3wks after surgery. You know when youre ok to.

Good luck with your surgery.. you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Brenda Smile

11/18/2009 09:03 PM
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Hi Slove,

Every surgery and recover is very diffrent. For me they went through my nose and that felt the worst. It felt like I had my nose broke, and it was. But my recover on a whole was very good. I spent the 1st day in the ICU they like to monitor you very closely through that day. I was sore and slow that day, but they kept me pretty comfortable with morphine. They would also wake me up every couple hours so sleep was frequent and short Smile The next day they moved me to a regular room and I was able to finally eat, It was the best meal ever! Then they had me up and walking the next day, and the day after that I was ready to go! I could walk around pretty good by then. They told me not to bend over for a couple of weeks, and not to lift anything over 20lbs. When I got home I felt great. I pushed myself a little to hard and felt terrible the next day, after that I took it easy and tried to do a little more everyday until I was able to go back to work. Now I am several months out of surgery and I feel absolutly great! I have so much energy, I am very confident once again and all my hormone levels seem to be good. I will get another hormone check in December and know more then

11/18/2009 10:15 PM
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It's good and very comforting to hear that most people on the whole didn't seem to have anything really drastic go wrong. Are most of you from America? It seems that most of you went home after a couple of days yet they told me I'll be in for a week (I'm from Australia)

11/18/2009 10:30 PM
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We have a lot of members here in Canada and the US. So, yep, we're from America (North).

The docs actually gave us a choice the day after surgery since I was doing so well. Discharge that day, or the day after. Due to the 150 mile distance between my home and the hospital we opted to stay the extra day.

11/19/2009 08:17 PM
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Hi slove have you looked into how they will be doing the surgery? through the upper lip? through the nose with a microscope? or through the nose with an endoscope? Those are the main surgeries I have heard about. There are complications that could keep you longer, ie spinal fluid leak. How many surgeries has your Doc preformed?

11/21/2009 05:05 PM
ThinginmyheadPosts: 202

Hi Slove!

I am 18 days post op. Had the surgery up my nose. Macro adenoma measured 12x10x10 on the MRI's...although much bigger when they actually got there.

I think the absolute worst thing about surgery is the WAITING to have surgery! The not knowing what to expect...even though you do all the reading, all the meetings with the docs and pre op nurse/team and speak to people who have had it's not the same as experiencing it yourself. But, I'm also the type that needs to know information...the more the better!

I think that everyone has done a great job of describing receovery. It is different for everyone as you know everyone's circumstances and diagnosis and the way they react to the anesthetic/surgery is different as well.

Day one and two I was in ICU, had a complication with my left eye--scratched my cornea during the surgery so I could not open either of my eyes because to open the right one would cause the left one to flutter and feel like sandpaper. That lasted about 5 better each day. Not a usual side effect.

I really cannot remember alot during those first 2 days. I do remember the annoying occupational therapist coming on day 2 and 'encouraging' me to go for a walk--more like a drill sergeant!!!! The first few walks were wobbly but I got stronger with each one.

The catheter slowed me down. Because I had that in...didn't have much desire to get up and about even at the end of day 2. Day 2 night I was transferred to neurosciences ward and immediately asked to have that thing removed. They did! And it was a different ball game altogether. I was up and down all night going pee. My numbers were extremely close to DI but not no meds. My thirst went away by day 3. Wasn't interested in anything but water...lost smell and taste...still don't have them.

Was discharged on day 3.

Day 4 and 5 my family made me rest bed sleeping/resting most of the day, up 6 times a day for 20 mins at the most. This was the OT's suggestion and I think this plan of action worked well for me.

I slowly improved each day from there.

The second week, I had started going for walks around the block

I am now back at it. Driving again (started 2 days ago). I am still pretty tired and need to nap in p.m. and take lots of breaks.

Wishing you a successful surgery that they are able to remove all of the tumour and a speedy recovery. You will be great! Looking forward to your update post surgery!

11/21/2009 05:12 PM
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Agreed. All recoveries are different. I was given the green light to drive since I only too vicodin once at home. No other narcotics since except for the absolutely tasty beer that was consumed yesterday. Also forgot to mention that I was walking a few hours after surgery.

As of right now I want to go out and do the activities that I enjoy and actually feel up to it. However, we're playing it safe till the doc gives us the thumbs up.

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