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04/05/2010 12:07 PM

DELUSION and how to deal with it calmly.


I just answered to posts of young people going through the trying task of dealing with an elderly and delusional parent or family's amazing how many young couples and singles are faced with caring for a mentally ill or delusional family member.

Ofter the elder or delusional has a very controlling position in the one wants to admit or carry the stigma of mental illness in the family.

Well i live with a parent who i have had to take over the rights of and admit to a mental i know what i'm talking about.....these delusional people often hold an iron grip over entire families....for fear of upseting the sick family member..

At first.....try reasoning with the person....see where they stand...maybe see life through their shoes a bit.....depending on the level or (presence) of delusion....or possible delusion....there are actions available to all families dealing with mental illness..if the level of delusion is severe enough.....intervention might be a possibility....this is usually done under the supervision of a DOCTOR.....the doc making the final decision as to whether hospitalization is needed.

That being the extreme action to take.....if the doctor says in home care is required....(i know you don't want to hear that) the doctor will have advice and outpatiend treatment options where the person visits the clinic on a schedules program. What i wanted to offer in this revised that inpatient therapy isn't always the answer depending entirely on the level of delusion...or..schizoid behavior. Best Wishes, and keep me informed....R

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