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09/28/2010 09:40 PM

Getting used to being defined as disabled

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I had waited so long to get approved for disability, it was a terrible time. We were so broke, with no end in sight.

I had applied for disability using mental illness as my reason for being unable to work.

When I went before the judge for the last time, and they had the psychologist there to go over all my medical records, and the testing done by the SS doctors. He correlated what each Dr. had said with the written record, and matched everything up to what the other Drs. involved were saying.

At the hearing, as I listend to the Psychologist go through my life history of mental illness, I realized that he knew more about my illness' than I did. That their were other diagnosis' that I didn't know about.

I left their in shock, my feelings were hurt. I felt lessened somehow.

I am still learning to deal with the idea of being disabled.

Even though you know you can't work, it's hard to admit that there is really something wrong with you that you can't see.

Sorry for rambling so long.


09/29/2010 07:19 PM
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i know exactly what you mean...i never went in front of any judge or anything other then phone intervies and mounds of paper work, but i know im still trying to come to terms with myself now thst i am home....and i know how hard financially it was waiting for the approval, it seemed to never get better...but it did evenyually, at least for me...i filed listing my fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis as my reasons and i had an approval in 10 months...i used allsup after my first denial and they made it so fast and so much easier on me...i dont know how to feel ok with being disabled yet, i guess it may come in time, or it may never be ok, idk...i guess i rambled too lol, but thats ok too...<3

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