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12/08/2010 10:50 PM

Where can I find a support group

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I was wondering if anyone knows were I might be able to attend a support group near Warren, MI, I lost my penis due to cancer back in 2005 but I have not been able to find a (straight) support group. No offesive to anyone or disrespect as this disease is non discriminating. Its just something I feel more comfotable being in.

Thanks if anyone can help !



12/09/2010 03:33 AM
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Welcome Bartman48093,

I can only imagine that there are more support groups for penectomies out there due to transgender than cancer.

Here in Canada, I know of none which is sad, and leaves it to pioneering groups from the ground up which I can only imagine be a long and arduous journey.

Yes, Penile cancer is rare...but do you find once having it, one hears of more cases? Yet there seems to be a silence. Even to find sites on-line for particulars on the subject and living with it are few if obsolete. It surely leaves one more alone.

I would suggest you keep posting, therefore indexing occurs, then when others do a search, they too might find it and perhaps through this, a contact may occur.

I must congradulate you on the many years from your surgery...many are not so lucky...though I am sure you have many things that make you not feel that way...tis a big life change.

xox Mel

12/27/2010 02:11 PM
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hi bartman

i too underwent a total penectomy due to cancer almost a year ago. It is quite right that our issues differ from those of other groups. I did not find any support groups either. Which is unfortunate. It is not a situation you discuss in public (i certainly don't). We can only try to build up contacts and peer-support using the internet. I am afraid nobody else will do the work for us.

Take care



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