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01/28/2012 01:19 AM

symptoms come and go

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My husband has a dx of Parkinsons. We have just a couple of days before we go to the neurologist to get confirmation.

My question is: In the early stages do tremors come and go. One of my docs told me no, but I'm curious bc my husband has all the other symptoms pretty regularly. He has balance problems and stiffness in one leg pretty much all the time. But I don't notice the tremor all the time.



01/28/2012 03:53 AM
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Heather - my personal experience is yes, they come & go. For 2 yrs that's how it was with tremors in my right hand - I cld do things, hold things & my hand wld be quite steady; at times when I was inactive I wld have the tremors, not always, some times only. that was the reason I did things in a frenzy - painting, patchwork, quilting, gardening all kind of things. The only difference I noticed was, I was slower. I can honestly say there were days when I didn't have tremors at all. My neurologist was pleased with the way my PD was contained.

But, sadly over the last 2 - 3 wx they are increasing rapidly, right now I have constant tremors, that's why I wrote that morbid poem yesterday. This is the only place we can express ourselves & people will understand.

You can quote me to yr doctor as this is a very accurate account of my experience over 2 yrs. I was diagnosed Jan 18, 2010.

I hope yr husband's symptoms too will be contained. Don't get too anxious Heather, this is the time u need to be strong, strong for two.

Pls ask anymore questions - u must be full of doubts/fears at this initial stage.



01/28/2012 04:06 AM

Heather, my experience is similar to Priyeni's.

I'll bet his neurologist doesn't specialize in movement disorders, right? Wink

What he eats, the vitamins he takes, even the very chaotic nature of his disease will impact his symptoms from day to day.

I was diagnosed 7 years ago and I still have those rare, fleeting moments when I seem to be free of PD. (smile)


01/28/2012 07:28 AM
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From what I have seen, heard and read. What makes Parkinsons so difficult to deal with is the symptoms are not all the same. My spouse only has his tremors when he is carrying something or with resisitance. He started with balance,strength and memory issues. With medication, his balance and strength has improved. The stiffness in his muscles decreased. The physical things he can see that he is having some problems with he understands. He struggles to believing he has memory issues. And his memory recall comes and goes.

It tough. Hang in there. Be proactive in his care. Go to all his doctor appointments to be aware of the medications they are on and what they are suppose to be taking. And if you cant go, send in qustins for the doctor to answer. I learned about this tip at a PD caregiver support group. Then when inquiring with my spouse about his meds, discovered somewhere in the think of things he decided he didnt need to take the depression medication. Totally explained his behavior the previous week.

Get involved ith a local support group as well. As a caregiver and as with your spouse. You are not alone! There are many who deal with PD. Knowledge is the strength with fighting this disease.

Hugs and prayers for you and your family




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