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03/09/2012 02:17 PM

Babesia treatments and duration

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Hi, Just wondering if anyone is treating babs and how long? My daughter is beginning month 6 of mepron. We have added enula and now artemesian because I have been told mepron doesn't cut it alone. Has anyone beaten babs? If so, how did you know? She is asymptomatic but was positive on fish test and duncani.

03/09/2012 04:51 PM

Hi Karen,

My son is just at the beginning of his babs treatment, and my LLMD has him on artemisin and Noni.

For myself, my LLMD had me on a combination of azithromycin and mepron, with artemisin pulsed, plus Noni (first 6 weeks) then Quina (2nd and 3rd 6 weeks), and A-Bab (3rd 6 weeks).

I added it up earlier today - I've been on babs treatment for 18 weeks so far (since 11-1-11), so about 4 months. This week has been pretty OK so far except for fatigue. Maybe I'm finally kicking it.

My LLMD says I seem to have a tough case. He's not being as aggressive with my son's treatment.

I just read recently in a post by the better health guy that there's a unique strain of babesia found on Catalina Island, CA. I used to visit my aunt and uncle there when I was growing up, so I'm wondering if that is a factor.

I've also read that babesia duncani is harder to treat than babesia microti. I think that was in the book with 13 doctors' approaches to Lyme (can't remember the title now).

Hope some of that ramble was helpful to you! Best wishes for your daughter's treatment.

03/12/2012 01:30 PM
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Hi! Well, three of us have Babesia. we have been treating that plus Lymes for about 16 months. We have been in a few different combos of meds, but this is what we are currently on.

Me : 2 Monodox in am and pm.... plus Artemesia SOD. He will add more next visit. I was previously on Mepron, Biaxin, and Artemesia SOD

Husband: currently on clyndamicin and mepron and artemesia SOD. Was on bactrim, flagyl and aretemesia.

daughter: azythromycin and mepron... been on this for most of ehr treatment of 10 months.

Babesia, I believe, is the hardest coinfection to get rid of. We are fighting it with all we got and we see some improvements here and there, but its a LOOOOOG road!!!

03/13/2012 05:02 AM
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Did all of your babesia tests come back positive or was it a

clinical diagnosis?

03/14/2012 05:25 PM
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My husband and daughter both came back positive with the test (although the first three times we tested my daughter for co's she was negative... didnt get a pos. until the fourth time) He made a clinical diagnosis with me since I actually had more symptoms of it than my husband

03/14/2012 07:26 PM
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My mother and brother both have a bad case of it...Myself...its been mostly dormant for most of the time that I have had it...which is now 30+ years...

However, a couple of years ago, I had a short but significant exposure to mold...which brought Babs out with a vengence...

I did a round of Artimisinin...with little benefit...

Then I read up on Dr Klinghardt...and he explains why Art has to be pulsed...our digestive system will create an enzyme that will negate the treatment...

So either you pulse it - 2-3 days on and 2 weeks off...OR you need to drink it with grapefruit juice...

One of my friends who saw a doc here in CO...he had her actually mix the art with grapefruit juice into a paste and take it that way...she did well..

I had gotten on a high doseage of Art...through Dr K had said that it needs to be taken in doses that are a minimum of 1200 mgs...mine was a concentrate that was over 4000 mgs...I pulsed it and either beat it or it went dormant...

My mom and brother have been on abx to treat it for YEARS now - and they in still in a constant battle with matter how much I educate her, she just does not follow along with anything...

03/15/2012 06:17 AM
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I pulse my Artemesinin SOD three weeks on, one week off. I feel like it helps, but I will definitely start drinking grapefruit juice with it. I really think Babs is the hardest to get rid of. Ihave had a few people in the family with Eurichlia and Tularemia and they seemed to beat it faster... especially the eurichlia.

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