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03/23/2012 06:18 PM

Legal?? Advocates??

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My 24 yr old son was disgnosed 1.5 yrs ago with manic bipolar type 1, he was hospitalised twice before it seemed he was ok to be on his own. He has been living on the island with a good job,good friends and an apartment with a friend for about 8 mths.He was on Lithium and occasionally alazapine,Around christmas he phoned and said he needed medication and did not have the money, also that he had not renewed his prescription...etc. he has been missing for the last 4 weeks, packed a backpack and left all his belongings.The police picked him up at a greyhound with a ticket to come back home,he was talking to the pop machine and appeared aggitated.In 7 days he has been tranferred to three different hospitals...this one is tertiary, which I have been told is the exact same as a phych prison and that the worst crimainal physch pts...murders etc. are sent to the unit he was sent to today..I have confirmed that he has not struck anyone or attempted to, he has made numerous threats to.....He has been given Halidol..Haliperidol(is most commonly used for scizophrenia.not bipolar)Clopixol which is highly recommended to only be given in low doses for the shortest time period. He is now on his sixth very large dose, He has only been back on Lithium for 4 days and yesterday refused his injection..not the Lithium or the alazapine and was then restrained by four police officers and injected twice.

I am a nurse and some nurses are more open with information,kinship perhaps, I don't know but really appreciate it . when I have questioned the dr. regarding medication, he stzted I did not really need to know anymore as my son is an adult and he would do what he thought best,he states.Because your son is a big man(very healthy and athletic)and that he could be physically dangerous we are tranferring him again...This has all been over the phone as I have not booked a flight as the physician has stated explicitly that I/anyone are not able to see him or speak to him.Although the first hospital allowed me to speak to him for the first two days, the nurse told me today as he was transferred today that since it's the weekend there is no doctor and the previous doctors order was to followed and that if needed ECT's would be takes 5-7 days, to have any effect,It is now the 6th day and nurse literally told me he is sitting drooling but that is to be expected with the injections..How would they even know if his meds are working?? Help please, beside myself


03/23/2012 06:50 PM
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Oh my, I am so sorry!

I felt the same distress last month but, fortunately I was in the same town.

If you could speak to your son then perhaps you could ask him to sign a HIPPA?? Would he? Explain to him you want to help him and you need his sig to get info to help him.

I am not sure what state you are in but in my state you cannot hold a patient involuntarily more than 3 days. Then if they think he needs longer it takes a temporary court commitment.....and patients get an ATTORNEY provided by the court. Then a second court date a week later.

I understand your frustration...each time I tried to phone my son he was so medicated he couldn't comprehend. Treating patients as criminals because they are ill is terrifying. I am so sorry.

Please feel free to message me if you need someone to chat with. My heart breaks for you and your son. ((hug))

03/24/2012 08:45 AM
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Yikes! Can you contact a local NAMI chapter where he is hospitalized/imprisoned and see if they can get you in touch with someone for legal advise??

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