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03/23/2012 08:54 AM

How to keep son safe...

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Hi, I am very new to the board, and need to know what others do to lock up knives and other sharp items. Baby locks are not going to work for a 10 yr old, and I am at a loss.

Thanks everyone.


03/26/2012 01:14 PM
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I could use some advise on this as well.

03/26/2012 08:51 PM
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During my daughter worst crisis, my husband bought a new door lock for our bedroom. We hide knives in there and always locked the door, we keep the key with us.

03/27/2012 06:40 AM
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We did this also. Since my daughter is smart enough to know fertilizer and cleaning products are poison and threatened to drink them so we put a padlock on that cabinet as well.

03/27/2012 09:42 AM
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My daughter does the same thing i bought a lock boxs for meds, knives,and keep the key with me

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