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02/21/2012 12:54 PM

Resources for new step-parent?

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Hello - I just moved in with my boyfriend and we'll likely get engaged this year. His boys are with us every weekend - 12 and 15. The 15-year old is bi-polar and has several other learning disabilities ADHD, dyslexic, dismorphic (sp?) - anyway - luckily my bf and I went to relationship counseling right away and that helped set my expectations for my role. I'm definitely not looking to impose a parental relationship on either of the boys, but looking at it as a chance to be an extra team member in each of their camps. That said, i had some early frustrations that others mentioned in some of the threads here - but reading responses and buying the book "The Bipolar Teen' were helpful in helping me understand and not take things too personally. Are there any resources out there that you also recommend specific to teens and bi-polar disorder?

I look forward to participating in this community.


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