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03/20/2011 02:11 PM

Taking care of a bipolar child

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Well we went to visit Our Daughter Kourtney at the hospital today....she is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow. I have to admit I'm very overwhelmed about her coming home. Dont get me wrong I want her home cause she has been in the hospital for 4 months now but still overwhelmed. Today she was very bossy and emotional. She was telling us what to do and how to do it and wasnt very nice about it. She told me something and when I didnt understand what she meant she started crying and getting all upset. I dont know how it is gonna be when she gets home. I'm worried about taking care of a bipolar child. If anyone has any advice I would Greatly appreciate it.

03/20/2011 04:02 PM
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Be sure her discharge plans include specific steps to take at home when faced with certain situations. She is probably just as scared about coming home as you are! The hospital has probably become like a big security blanket(for you and her ) and tomorrow it gets taken away!

How old is your daughter? I am assuming she has a therapist and pdoc outside the hospital. I know my kids couldn't be released unless regular appts were already scheduled.

Her homecoming will be wonderful, scary, overwhelming etc etc etc.

Don't make many demands the first few days. Let her get settled in. I personally would let her know that for the first week or so you will not demand much of her as far as school work, chores etc. Once she has a few appts with her therapist/pdoc you can gradually increase her responsibilities.

Keep us posted. If you hit a snag...stay calm and come here to vent!

03/20/2011 05:01 PM
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Thank you so much for the daughter is 9. Yes she does have a therapist. so hopefully we will know more what to do tomorrow.

03/20/2011 05:57 PM
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I agree with Lillipets. Your daughter is going through the whole range of emotions that you are. And, she is so young that she is probably less prepared to deal with her emotions. It might help her if you talk to her in a way that empathizes with her if she gets upset. Saying things like "It must be tough to be home after being gone for so long. I know if I was away from home for a long while, I'd feel a little anxious or scared", etc. Then you might try to ask her how she is feeling. That's a long time for such a young child to be away from home. She is probably scared, anxious, nervous, etc, all at once! You're going to have to be patient for awhile.

When it get's frustrating, vent away > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >


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