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03/01/2011 05:55 AM

Making Parasites, Viruses, etc., Run for COVER...


I came across this article and thought I would post it. However, I have to disagree in the order, the FIRST PRIORITY SHOULD BE LEARNING TO MAKE YOUR OWN FERMENTED FOODS. Homemade has at least ten times the probiotics of store brands!!! This is the number one thing that will change your gut terrain and make it inhospitable to parasites and viruses and other bacteria.

Two good books that support this lifestyle change are Nourishing Traditions and Wild Fermentation, both very good, and again no affiliation, just someone who has found these to be great guides in my lifestyle change. It's also a great idea to start cleansing your colon, doing a parasite cleanse, and cleansing your liver regularly! Please check out the Holisitic forums for more information on cleansing protocols.

Step-by-Step »The Anti-Parasite Diet: Foods that Make Parasites Run for Cover

Embarking on a parasite cleanse can be extremely frustrating. You are dying to get those critters out of you, but have to work against the fact that a lot of times, parasites dictate your cravings. Another frustrating point is that different parasites feed on different foods to thrive. So in order to really do some damage, a general parasite cleanse can be a great help but its also necessary to consume a wide range of foods that irritate parasites to ensure you have killed the various types.

As I continue on my parasite cleanse for this year, I have done a great deal of research on what foods and herbs people say assist the body in killing worms. This is the list of foods and herbs that I have compiled thus far and have incorporated in my diet, in order to really whip out a gangsta can of Raw Girl whoop-ass and rid my body of parasites.

1. Raw Garlic – One of the number one ways to kill parasites. All effective parasite cleanses always include garlic. YOU CAN ALSO USE ORGANIC GARLIC POWDER WITH NO ADDITIVES!!!

2. Apple Cider Vinegar – Increase stomach acids with Apple Cider Vinegar prior to your meals. This will keep the stomach free of parasites and will also ensure that you will kill off any larvae you inadvertantly eat with your meals. ORGANIC IS BEST but you can use regular to add to detox baths, 2 cups is good!

3. Pumpkin Seeds – Can help to get rid of tapeworms. You can also use canned pumpkin to add to foods as well!

4. Pineapple – Contain an enzyme bromelain, that is anti-parisitic. A couple sources claim that a three day pineapple fast will kill tape worms. Cook with it as well!

5. Cranberry Juice (unsweetened) or Carrot Juice & Carrots – Cranberry juice can be diluted in water. Carrots the juice or the veggie eaten plain kills em as well.

6. Coconut Oil – Contains lauric acid which is found in coconut products. Coconut oil is about 50% comprised of this saturated fat which after converted by the body creates a substance that efficiently kills parasites, yeasts, viruses, and pathogenic bacteria in the gut. THIS IS SECOND TO FERMENTED FOODS!!! Use this daily, use it on your skin first thing out of the bath, put it in tea or coffee first thing in the morning, and COOK WITH IT ALL THE TIME! It will give you energy so don't use it after dinner time, AND YES IT WILL BOOST YOUR THYROID AND YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!

7. Fennel Seed Tea – Is a mild laxative and can be an irritant to certain types of parasites.

8. Herbs: Cloves,Wormwood, Black walnut hull and husks – These herbs are always incorporated into an effective parasite cleanse and should be among the ingredients listed in the capsules you take daily from parasite cleanses that can be bought in health food stores. Cloves kills the parasite eggs that may be lingering in the intestinal tract. Black walnut hull and wormwood kill the adult and developmental stages of around 100 different types of parasites. All three are essential.

9. Pungent Spices – Spices such as: turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, chilis, horseradish, and cayenne, all make parasites run for cover.

10. Probiotics/ Fermented Foods – Some options that can be made at home include: sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) or drinking rejuvelac (a drink made from fermented grains such as wheat berries). You can also take probiotic supplements. These help to replenish good bacteria and kill the bad. AGAIN, MAKE YOUR OWN FOR PENNIES. YOU WILL NOT ONLY SAVE MONEY, BUT THEY ARE MUCH MORE POWERFUL AND YOU CAN GIVE THEM TO YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!!!

11. Iodine - I am adding this to the article because it will boost your immune system and YOUR THYROID. Parasites exist because of a weakened immune system. You can test your basal temperature first thing in the morning to chart your progress, under the arm, to establish a baseline. PLEASE ADD IODINE TO YOUR LIFE, start with KELP, build up that dosage then add regular iodine to that, in addition to the kelp, this way you will still get the other minerals from the kelp, but boost the iodine amount considerably. If you don't want to take it orally, you can paint your feet with it daily... There are different types of iodine, Lugol's and Iosol are the brands that I use, but you can also use the iodine that you get at the pharmacy to paint to start! I prefer Iosol for the additional sodium that it provides. Lugol's is a potassium based iodine.

Once again, if you didn't know, you can get parasites a myriad of ways: from your pets, your loved ones—or anyone you kiss, also from shaking hands (washing hands regularly is key). So if you de-worm yourself and your partner does not, you'll be back in the boxing ring with the parasites again sometime soon. Armed with my parasite cleanse, incorporating this list of foods into my diet, avoiding sugar, and consuming a lot of greens, I am determined to knock them out in this second round. parasite-diet-foods-that-make-parasites-run-for-cover/

Faith Smile

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