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10/28/2011 09:54 PM

Itchy Right Palm? Don't Scratch!

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I just wanted to share this with the group...I was always taught by my Armenian neighbor that if your right palm ever itches do not scratch or rub it, immediatly close it shut with your finger tips pressing against your palm. Close your eyes and focus on the currency to come, mine would always be the actual green dollar surrounded by white light. I would do this ritual for 15 minutes. Whenever this has happened I have received money I had not been expecting 99% of the time, but beware I was also taught the left hand means loss of money but what I have been doing is if I feel that sensation on my left I place my left palm over my right and close my finger tips around my hands and transfer the energy into my right for for 15 minutes and follow the above step. Alot of the time my left would almost always notify me of car trouble and expenses I will have to pay out because of it, it is uncanny! But since I have started the energy transfers I have been car worry free for more than 6 months this has never happened. I believe in those 6 months I am going to guess and say I have had 3 left hand notifications...

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