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05/02/2010 11:58 AM


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hi everyone , this is not my vision , but that of a lady i know who has cancer .

her daughter told me that her mother is scared to go bed because she has visions of blackness below her and blue sky above .

she thinks its a sign shes going to die .

anyone got any thoughts on this please?.

many thanks .


05/02/2010 01:49 PM
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Does this woman feel as if there are many things that she has not completed? Or things that are holding her here?

For me - I would take it as kind of floating in the in-between...It could be nearing her time to go, but for some there are things that keep them here and hanging on...

For example, my step-fathers father died last year...He hung on for the longest time...He DID NOT want to die in a hospital. He had a raging infection that they could not control...and was declining, and should have died according to the docs...but he wouldnt...

He was in a coma - when they decided to move him to this center - one that had a home-like environment - within 15 minutes of moving him - he passed. We all believed that he thought he was finally taken home...and he was able to let go...

So again, it could be that she has some issues that she needs to address and come to some sort of closure with (the blackness) and the blue sky could be her vision of heaven or where she gets to go when she passes...

Doesnt mean she is going to die anytime soon - but that she should begin to make peace with this life...

Hope this helps/makes some sense


05/02/2010 08:14 PM
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I would agree with Christine, do you know if she has a strong religious background, that seems to fit if so....maybe you can have someone come in and perform a cleansing ritual something positive to change her thought process and outlook, although I do not speak of religion much maybe if she follows one she can have someone come in and pray with her.

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