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04/17/2010 10:41 AM

broken mirror

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hi ,,,this happened many years ago at my mothers house.

wondered if anyone has any toughts on it ?

we were all in the front room , that is my mother father and grandparents .{and myself of course!}

i was only young then , but rmember it well.

they were playing cards ,,,,when suddenly there was a loud crash . it sounded like it was from the back room so we rushed in to see what happened .

no one else was in house at time .

we were surprised to see that the big old fashioned mirror that hung over the fire place had fallen . it was in bits on the floor.

what was strange about it , was the fact that the thick chain that held it was still intact .

and the nail with the big head was still in the wall !! { no way could it had slipped over ...we put chain on nail and tried ,,,,,,

the only way {we can see} that it could possibly fall like that was if it was taken off . but by whome??

this happened as i just told u ,,,and has puzzled us for years .


04/17/2010 01:00 PM
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Wow that is incredible. I actually have not had an experience like that to compare to but it sounds to me as someone was trying to get your attention. Hate to call the obvious lol. Does your mom still live there and thinking back do you know of anyone who had past who might be trying to get in touch with you ?

04/18/2010 12:07 PM
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thanks for reply Gen ! i know it prob sounds crazy to alot of people!

yes mum lives there still , and my niece thinks its creepy in the house anyway and will not go upstairs to bathroom on her own .{and she does pick up on spooky things!....} ....has heard whispering in her own house.

i think so to that some attention was wante by someone in spirit.

no idea who though .

will tell o another happening at mums! hugs Amber


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