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04/21/2010 01:17 PM

What the word *Ghost* means to you(page 2)

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I'm an Advocate I suppose that I will add my 2 cents here...

For much of it - I pretty much agree with fluffers...I do tend to lean toward wicca - however - I differ in that I do believe more in a Collective Consciousness...

I cannot see all religions being absolute - right or wrong...I believe that when it comes down to it - the idols of organized religions are actually one and the same across the board...different names, different descriptions...etc...kinda like the comparison of Greeks and Romans...

To me, the organized religion thing - well it bothers me first and foremost - nothing on a personal level - but when you look at it historically - many religions have been at the heart of some of the most cruel acts against humanity...

Not the fault of the religion itself - but the fault in's interpretations, man's ego, and greed for power...etc...I guess IMO an all powerful, loving god should not condone nor accept the persecution of others...but I will end that one there....dont need to get anything heated...

But to look at religious belief - I believe that we see or feel what we feel for the organization of choice - because that is what we are comfortable with...that particular set of beliefs fits within our comfort zones - and we are able to single belief set is entirely right or wrong - just acceptable - believable thus the masses are able to have faith...

OK - to the question of Ghosts...and such...I do agree with fluffers there...

See there is the whole scientific thing about energy - it cannot be destroyed - it can only change form...everything has a frequency - an energy level per why would our souls be any different...and besides what proof is there that we even have souls? Its a concept to explain our evolution over the animal kingdom...

So why would some become ghosts - not knowing that they have passed - still searching and/or waiting...does that not happen as we live as well?

So why would some become spirits - coming around when needed - do we not already do that while we live?

Now guides - I too believe that they are same as us - just without a physical form - here to teach, to help our souls grow and learn...

Angels and I split a bit - I believe each to come in 2 parts...people who have angelic souls - and those who have demonic souls...these are people who when they die - they will serve a purpose at a specific level...kinda like they have come full circle - and next they will be one to the next phase...I actually feel that guides can be a part of this as well - but I dont want to get too complicated here...kinda like when you go through school...

You have elementary, middle, HS, college...and so on teachers go up in level and I see guides as the it was told to me by mine years ago, that that was my become a guide...but that's another story...

The 2nd part of Angels and Demons - IMO are the real things...these being a part of the collective consciousness have taken on a type of energy (good, evil, neutral)...and serve that side of the path...but its because of faiths, beliefs, etc that give them rise...we give them power and enable them to be a representation of the ideas of what they are and what we need them to be...

Do they need us? Yes and no...yes because we give them the influx of energy...but they would exist in and of themselves...and they/it - whatever - has existed for a long time...again back to my dark experience...what I encountered made it very clear that it was older then our organized religions...and found them to be a joke basically...

Anyway - suppose that sums it up - somehow - maybe not...IDK...but I have to I have to end it there...



04/21/2010 01:59 PM
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Hello Solara,

You are so lucky to feel your mom around you at those negative times. Although I may feel things around me I never felt they were family members who have crossed... It is great to see you have an open mind!

04/21/2010 02:05 PM

ghost or spirit or angel or demon,,,,,,it's all the same, a spirit can be stuck, or evil because of an injustice, either way I have freed many a haunted house, and one prankster just didn't want to leave, but he was fun and the family loved him.


04/22/2010 01:51 PM

I think of "Ghosts" i think in a different way....good or doesn't matter...they are simply forms that are taken by lost when someone dies before their time....the spirit remains to finish some business.....Kind of like....BUT NOT TOTALLY like that show "ghost whisperer" that's on cannot be destroyed only evolved or changed....which is why i believe SOME spirits stick the shadow figure at the foot of my bed.....i believe it might be the ghost of someone who molested me as a child....and died a horrid death....if he is stalking me...i am scared....he was an angry man full of mean that's what i think of when you say it good or bad. Or be it someonr from beyond trying to send a the micheal keatonwhatever movie where he saw images of the dead in the white noise on tv's...wish i remembered his name.

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