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08/22/2009 04:54 AM

this guy will track me down

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Hi all,

new here and very nervous about telling people this. recently i was involved in an altercation between myself and another guy, in which fists were thrown. at the time of the fight i initially approached him so we could talk through things, and he had nothing to say but verbal abuse and cursing and just started punching. i do know vaguely of the guy through a mutual friend, so i do know his first and last name and he is known to be a very aggresive and hostile person. no one was hurt but at the end of the fight which was broken up, the guy sed to me ill find out who you are and smash your face in. this only happened a couple days ago so its pretty recent. when i hear loud cars drive past my house, i think it might be him that has tracked me down and i fear for the safety of my family. now while it may only be a figure of speech as to whether he would find out who i am and carry out this threat, i am too scared to leave the house or continue with my normal day life, because if i do he may well be where i am and another fight may break out, which i want to avoid at all costs.

I MUST reassure everyone that reads this i have a very calm nature and i have never physically hurt anyone in my life. violence is one thing that really traumatises me and would really appreciate some advice in to whether i should tell my parents about these thoughts. this isnt the first time ive had paranoid thoughts, which have kept me from leaving my room where i do feel "sort of" safe. i do want to avoid medication as this may alter my personality and from my perspective i feel i have an outgoing and bubbly personality and medication may possibly change me and i may lose the ones that know me well. i really do wish things were back to the way they were before the incident. Any help is much appreciated.


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08/24/2009 09:59 AM
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I apologise for not getting back to you sooner. I moved over the weekend and my internet service was disrupted for a few days.

I can understand your fear about this person that you had an altercation with. If you are having paranoid thoughts regularly, you might want to tell your parents. Also if you feel like this person really will come after you, you might want to tell your parents so they can take necessary precautions.

Medications are not always described for paranoia. Sometimes counseling is sufficient. If you are put on an anti psychotic medication, it won't necessarily change your personality. I take one and I am still the same person I have always been. I am just not delusional anymore.

Again I apologise for not getting back to you sooner. I hope things are better for you now.

04/22/2010 03:45 PM

I can understand your worries....i went through a similar experience when i was younger....let me tell you.....20 minutes after the altercation, he was back in the bar having a beer, and forgot all about you..."tough guys" say stuff like that to look tough to onlookers and to scare YOU......i'd eat my hat if you even saw this guy again within's just eating at you....which is all the threat was designed to do.....your'e creating manifest destiny.....creating the scenario in your mind....almost LOOKING for this guy who forgot about you ten minutes after the fight.

If you are still to a counsellor...he'll verify what i'm saying i'm pretty me...this guy isn't sitting around thinking of ways to get you.


04/29/2010 01:46 PM

I just wanted to check in on were pretty worried when u posted....i'm sure that "guy" hasn't tracked u down to get you....i just wanted to hear how things are going for you....the paranoia...the worries



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