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07/08/2009 05:27 AM

Rape/Sexual Assault

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I am extremely paranoid of being raped or sexually assaulted! Our house is being remodeled and there are guys in and out of the house that i don't know and I feel that anyone of them could hurt me. Not only that but I'm paranoid driving. Scared someone is going to crash into me and I'm going to die. In my heart I know these are irrational thoughts but they're becoming debilitating. Soon I won't be able to leave the house. The workers are done temporarely and that makes me feel a bit better but anytime I'm alone I feel like someone is going to break in an rape me. Why? I was sexually assaulted as a teenager and young child and suffer from many disorders but the paranoia is really scary. Any advice?

07/08/2009 08:58 AM
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You probably suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the sexual assaults when you were younger. Have you been in any car wrecks? After a bad car wreck when I was 19 I was scared for years that someone was going to hit me from behind. Counseling might help you work through issues revolving around the sexual assaults and help you understand why you are afraid that you are going to have a car accident. PSTD does get better with time. You don't have to suffer alone. There is a group for PTSD on mdjunction. There is also one for rape. You could probably benefit from both and they would have tips for dealing with the symptoms.

Below is a link to a website that addresses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and some tips for coping with it. post_traumatic_stress_disorder_symptoms_treatment.htm

Please keep us posted. I hope this helps you.


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