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08/10/2011 09:42 PM


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I am married to someone who I think has paranoid personality disorder. He has lost nearly all his friends and family because he thinks they have done things behind his back. He's just cut contact with his friend of 30 years because of his "subversive behaviour".

He has now turned on me accusing me of stealing from him for the past 5 years (even though he has been unemployed for a lot of this period). He is going to have me "investigated by the Financial Services Investigator (who the hell is that) and has asked me if I have credit cards in another false name (what?). I told him if I wanted another credit card, I would get it my own name. I want to move out, when I tell him so, he starts to cry and say that he's a bad person etc. etc. Help before I go insane myself. He can be a very loving person, but behind that facade lurks a very dark suspicious personality. He checks the history on the computer to see what websites I have been into and has his brother check to see if I am on Facebook and to try and see what I am saying (I am friends with several members of his family).

I would love to hear from anyone who has had the same experiences

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08/11/2011 07:07 AM
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I am the one who gets paranoid so I don't know how much help I will be. I do have a link for people who are dealing with paranoid significant others. Welcome to the group. Here is the link and I hope it helps. relationships/Coping_With_Paranoia_In_A_Loved_One.aspx

10/20/2011 09:06 PM
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My Husband is Bipolar. I knew this long before he was even diagnosed. I am unsure what to do and how to deal with him. The biggest problem is that he is making up stories that are very far fetched and actually thinks they are true and has " proof". According to him I have pretty much cheated with every male I come into contact with. I am always being accused of cheating and I cant take it. I came back from a one day trip and my vagina was "weird". I cant handle it. The newest story he thinks is the worst. He got it in his head that my sister got molested by my dad. He harrassed me everyday to admit it to him. All he does all day is insult my family and accuse them of horrible things that have NEVER happened. There isnt anything I can do to convince him its not true. His "proof" is pathetic. He found a picture on the interenet of a woman who looks like my sister and claims my dad took it.. even though my dad doesnt have a camera and cant work a computer. He also says my sister is insecure and there must be a reason. Find me a 19 year old who isnt. He texts my sister and threatens her that the truth will come out. I went to visit my family and I get yelled about it everyday.

10/21/2011 07:22 AM
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Hi, I am so sorry about your husband. I am bipolar as well and did not get the diagnosis until I was in my 40's. I finally got my bipolar diagnosis because I became delusional. Sounds like your husband is as well.

Is he on medication? Does he threaten you physically? Have you thought about calling his psychiatrist and telling him about this current behavior if he does not already know? I am concerned for your well being.

I have a link for people with loved ones who are paranoid. I hope it helps you. You can pm me or post here any time and I will respond. relationships/coping_with_paranoia_in_a_loved_one.aspx


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