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02/27/2012 01:23 PM

What's your LEAST favorite... Survey

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I'm an Advocate

Color? Silver

Sport? Tennis

Movie? 28 Days, it sucked!

Guy Name? Walter

Girl Name? Bernice

Actor? Matt Damin

Actress? Sarah Michelle Geller?

Food? Shell fish

Book? Phone Book

Class in School? Earth Science

Website? Don't know

Song? Fly robin fly

Singer/Band? Spice Girls

Number? 666

Sports team/athelete? Orlando Magic. Scotty Pipin?

Place to Vacation? Locally lol

Place to Eat? Carraba's

Season? Summers in Florida

Piece of Clothing? Tighty Whities on a man.

Word? CUNT.


02/27/2012 01:43 PM
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I'm an Advocate

Color? Yaller

Sport? NBA "basketball"

Movie? Saturday Night Fever

Guy Name? Dick

Girl Name? Fredericka

Actor? Sly Stallone

Actress? Leonardo DiCaprio! lol

Food? Shell fish it is!

Book? Any thing by James Michner

Class in School? Math

Website? Avoid them

Song? Yummy, Yummy Yummy

Singer/Band? Justin the Beaver

Number? 75

Sports team/athlete? Any NBA team/Ray Lewis

Place to Vacation? Locally lol. agreed

Place to Eat? Carraba's If I have to agree one more time!

Season? Summers in Florida All right! That's it!

Piece of Clothing? Tighty Whities on a woman.

Word? CUNT. Why not finish out by agreeing?

02/27/2012 06:54 PM
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Color? Perriwinkle

Sport? Soccer..just cant get into running after a ball

Movie? House of 1000 corpes-Rob Zombie

Guy Name? Bob

Girl Name? Sally

Actor? Dont have one

Actress? Dont have one

Food? Chinese

Book? Paranormal Fiction: makes no sense to me

Class in School? Math and Geometry

Website? The ones with all those dang pop ups!!!

Song? To the window to the wall-Absolutely detest that song

Singer/Band? Justin the Beaver-haha Kildare I agree

Number? 56

Sports team/athlete? Soccer/Kobe "CryBaby" Bryant

Place to Vacation? My house LOL

Place to Eat? Golden Corral-so many little hands touching everything

Season? Summers in Texas!! too damn HOT (I actually fried an egg on the concrete one summer)

Piece of Clothing? Bras-they are so confining

Word? CUNT-have to agree such a nasty sounding word

02/28/2012 11:25 AM
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Color? gold

Sport? Tennis


Guy Name? Gilber

Girl Name? Bernice


Actress? Sarah Michelle Geller?

Food? turnip greens

Book? Phone Book

Class in School? World History

Website? Don't know


Singer/Band? Spice Girls

Number? 666

Sports team/athelete? BOSTON CELTICS

Place to Vacation? ?

Place to Eat? Western Sizzlin

Season? Summer

Piece of Clothing? bras

Word? CUNT.

02/28/2012 11:46 AM
janicepvPosts: 3264
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Color? orange, except on trees in the fall

Sport? football

Movie? Beloved, it sucked!

Guy Name? Ralph

Girl Name? Bertha

Actor? Brad Pitt

Actress? Dunno

Food? oysters

Book? anything that was "required" reading in school

Class in School? Chemistry

Website? Any one that dumps a virus on me!

Song? I Will Always Love You-oooooo. Used to make my dog howl.

Singer/Band? Spice Girls

Number? 666

Sports team/athelete? Anything football.

Place to Vacation? Locally lol. Amen to that - stay-at-home vacations never work out for me.

Place to Eat? Olive Garden. Love the food, hate the wait, and wait, and wait.

Season? Winter

Piece of Clothing? bras with underwire.

Word? CUNT. Yeah, that's a nasty one.

02/28/2012 12:55 PM
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Color? yellow

Sport? baseball

Movie? Motel Hell

Guy Name? Bob

Girl Name? Alice

Actor? Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actress? Paris Hilton

Food? liver

Book? any history book

Class in School? history/government

Website? idk

Song? She Bop ~~ Cyndi Lauper

Singer/Band? Yes (the band)

Number? 666 (have to agree on that one)

Sports team/athelete?

Place to Vacation? Connecticut

Place to Eat? Burger King

Season? winter

Piece of Clothing? socks

Word? CUNT !!!!! agreed on this one.... worst word ever!!!!

02/28/2012 05:02 PM
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Color? Pukey Yellow

Sport? Baseball

Movie? FRED (His voice makes me want to rip my F***ing hair out) LOL

Guy Name? Dick ( I'd prefer to just call the person Richard)

Girl Name? Gertrude

Actor? I'll come back to that one. Or not

Actress? same with this one. I can't think of one

Food? sardines

Book? hmm gosh I just dont' know lol

Class in School?computer

Website? I am sure there are quite a few.

Song? collard greens and cornbread Fantasia

Singer/Band? Constantine. lol can you tell I have watched american idol.

Number? I like all numbers I guess. lol

Sports team/athlete? NOt too into sports

Place to Vacation? The Hospital

Place to Eat? Buffets. don't do them anymore ever

Season? Hot Hot Summers

Piece of Clothing? Granny Underwear you know the kind you have to wear after having a baby to be able to keep that big pad in tack. LOL

Word? CUNT is the worst word ever for a man to call a woman. Kinda same as calling a man a Bastard. A man can not help it if he doesn't have a father. Just call him a CUNT instead if he pisses you off and you must call him something and only if he is really mean to you or something and especially calls you a cunt. lol

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