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05/24/2008 08:24 PM

blood sugar levels and panic

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forgot to ask in my last post, does anyone else find they get that panic feeling if they are hungry? does blood sugar levels and panic/anxiety go together?

05/24/2008 08:34 PM
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i don't know if blood sugar has anything to do with it for sure but i think it does. i do get almost the exact symptoms when i am hungry as i do in a mild panic attack. the dizziness, the not feeling connected with the world (if that makes any sense), the jitters. would be interesting to find out for sure if it has anything to do with blood sugar.

05/28/2008 03:44 PM
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i've noticed that if my boyfriend does not eat again within four hours or so after his last meal, he is very likely to have a bad attack. he doesnt think eating has anything to do with it, will say he is not hungry, but 80% of the time, if he doesnt eat within this schedule, he will have an attack. if i notice he's getting edgy, i have been able to ward off full-blown ones by getting him to eat, or giving him a granola bar or somehting.

you're onto something here w/ blood sugar... pating attention to eating- great strategy for keeping yourself feeling well.....


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