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08/13/2009 06:31 AM

Success Stories and/or Positive Thoughts 8/13/09

shawnatwainPosts: 382

Anyone have a success story for the day or even a general positive thought they are using to battle panic?

08/13/2009 08:33 AM
Struggling77Posts: 70

I'm going to cheat! I have a long boring day at home ahead of me, but tomorrow I'm taking off for the weekend to go spend time with my brother and his wife.

A few months ago I only dreaded leaving home for extended periods of time and now I'm only looking forward to getting out of my house! That is a major victory over panic disorder in my book!

Hope everyone is having a good day, and if not "good" at least I hope no crises! Smile


08/13/2009 11:28 AM
Posts: 17

thanks for that story steve; it certainly makes me feel good; i'm missing a trip to florida with my family right now because i couldn't get my s--t together in time; but i'm going to hold on to your story as a goal to shoot for

08/13/2009 04:26 PM
damselndistressPosts: 16965
VIP Member

Well I think great progress for me is being able to be satisfied right where I am. even though my life is turned upside down right now. I am unable to go home. Don't really feel like the arms are wide open here at my parents, but I'm managing to find peace and to be able to relax and just block all the unsettled business out of my mind. I am so detached that I am finding bliss.

I am feeling no rush to force a decision for a directional path and more content to just be ready when that presents itself.

Interesting 5 years ago I was "told" to go invest some money. I got the message strong. I didn't hesitate to follow my instinct and gather a bit of money and open a Roth Ira account. The woman at the bank explained I couldn't touch the money for 5 years and put it in a certificate. Little did I know how upside down my life would turn. I knew something was up and I was going to need money I just did not know what for. Well that certificate matured today and I went to the bank and explained that I am in a very odd situation. I told her I didn't want to touch that money until I needed to but I needed to have it available. She helped me to transfer it into my savings for safe keeping and there was no charge I do believe. So when the day comes that I clearly see the need for this money and what direction to take it is there waiting.

Isn't it a bit odd that I get vibes so far out in advance but can't see a clear path before me? Maybe that path just hasn't opened up yet? A time for regrouping and realignment.

08/13/2009 07:27 PM
shawnatwainPosts: 382

Steve...Enjoy the time with your family and thanks for sharing the story.

Brtmdo...I am glad that reading about Steve's trip helped you and gave you a goal and some hope. This is exactly why I wanted to start this part of the forum. Hearing that gives me hope that it will help us all.

Damsel... Thanks for your story also. I am glad to hear that you are trying to find comfort in your situation. I too have realized that life isn't always perfect but with panic you have to make the most out of the situations you are in, if not the panic will consume you. I wish you luck with everything and take the time to regroup, I have done the same thing and it has been the best decision of my life.

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