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08/09/2009 08:13 AM

a success story

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i put a stew together over the last couple days: a big helping of blocking negative thoughts with faith in god; a heaping amount of deep breathing principles; and a dash of xanax. With this stew i got through a couple situations that would have produced more intense symptoms in the past; i just got a couple routine chores accomplished but i'm happy anyway; baby steps, right; i hope this post inspires someone to keep working on their own special stew; i pray that god will send his grace to all of us today- whether you believe in him or notSmile

08/09/2009 09:09 PM
shawnatwainPosts: 382

Congrats and thanks for sharing your success story with us. They are also so nice to hear Smile

08/10/2009 07:07 AM
Struggling77Posts: 70

Wink I forget sometimes how much of a success the little things are. I've got to the point where I'm cleaning, doing dishes, and cooking on a regular basis, and this is just in the last couple months. The thing is I wasn't doing this a few months ago and my depression levels were just horrible.

I say cheers to the little things that help to improve self-esteem!


08/11/2009 08:52 PM
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Thats great! I love the hear success stories!! Amen!!

08/13/2009 01:52 AM
Posts: 148

Thanks for sharing with us. Im so happy that things are going good for you!! Its so uplifting to hear! =)

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